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Course Instructor Department
MOL 214: Introduction to Cellular and Molecular B Notterman, D MOL: Molecular Biology
COM 376: Crafting Freedom: Women and Liberation Draper, Susana COM: Comparative Literature
PHY 105: Advanced Physics (Mechanics) STAFF - PHY, PHY: Physics
MOL 214: Introduction to Cellular and Molecular B Thieringer, Heather A. MOL: Molecular Biology
ART 272: Rage Against the Machine: Art and Politi DeLue, Rachael ART: Art and Archaeology
JRN 260: What to Read & Believe in the Age of Cov Stephens, Joe JRN: Journalism
POL 311: Multiculturalism: Conflicts Over Diversi Kelts, Steven POL: Politics
MAT 203: Advanced Vector Calculus Diao, H MAT: Mathematics
AST 521: Introduction to Plasma Astrophysics Ostriker, Eve AST: Astrophysical Sciences
AAS 339: Black Mirror: Race, Tech and Justice Benjamin, Ruha AAS: African American Studies
NEU 501A: Cellular and Circuits Neuroscience Murthy, Mala NEU: Neuroscience
MAT 520: Functional Analysis Pausader, Benoît MAT: Mathematics
GER 501: GER 501 Hatfield, Rex GER: Germanic Languages and Literatures
POR 199: Intensive Portuguese De Castro, Andrea POR: Portuguese
ASA 324: Modern Minority Fictions Nadal, Paul ASA: Asian American Studies
MAT 203: Advanced Vector Calculus Marcus A et al., MAT: Mathematics
FRE 105: Intermediate French Piguet, R. FRE: French
MOL 350: Laboratory in Molecular Biology Schottenfeld-Roames, Jodi MOL: Molecular Biology
FRE 208: Speak up! Trevise, C. FRE: French
WRI 187: This Course Is Out to Get You Shorr, Ardon WRI: Writing Seminar
VIS 218: Graphic Design: Image Coombs, Laura VIS: Program in Visual Arts
SPA 388: The Skins of Film: Lat Am & the Politics Guerrero, Javier SPA: Spanish
PHY 301: Thermal Physics Aizenman, M PHY: Physics
MOL 214: Introduction to Cellular and Molecular B Notterman, D MOL: Molecular Biology
HIS 322: Twentieth Century Japan Garon, S M HIS: History
ANT 503A: The Self and the Person Borneman, John ANT: Anthropology
COM 302: Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: Culture an Levy, Lital COM: Comparative Literature
ART 260: Intro to African Art Okeke-Agulu, Chika ART: Art and Archaeology
CWR 448: Introduction to Screenwriting: Adaptatio Lazaridi, Christina CWR: Creative Writing
MAT 365: Topology Szabó, Zoltan MAT: Mathematics
REL 505: Studies in the Religions of the Americas Weisenfeld, Judith REL: Religion
FRE 338: The Literature of Environmental Disaster Blix, Goran FRE: French
FRE 230: Politics and Environment in France Blix, Goran FRE: French
MOL 214: Introduction to Cellular and Molecular B STAFF - MOL, MOL: Molecular Biology
FRE 108: Advanced French Perrier, Murielle FRE: French
HIS 534: Russian Lies: Forgeries and Mystificatio Pravilova, Ekaterina HIS: History
SPI 340: Psychology of Decision Making & Judgemen Shafir, E. SPI: Public & International Affairs
HUM 233: East Asian Humanities I: The Classical F Kern, Martin HUM: Humanities
ENV 200: The Environmental Nexus Nixon, Rob ENV: Program in Environmental Studies
EPS 302: Landmarks of European Identity Mehnert, Ute EPS: Program in Contemporary European Politic
MTD 333: Latinx Musicals on Stage & Screen Herrera, Brian MTD: Music Theater
NES 338: The Arab-Israel Conflict Gribetz, Jonathan NES: Near Eastern Studies
OIP 999: Fellowships Advising Moloney, Deirdre OIP: Office of International Programs
MAT 425: Analysis III: Integration Theory and Hil Dafermos, M, MAT: Mathematics
URB 385: Mapping Gentrification Shkuda, Aaron URB: Urban Studies
DAN 213: Introduction to Contemporary Dance Beller, Alexandra DAN: Dance
POR 304: Topics in Brazilian Cultural and Social Librandi, Marilia POR: Portuguese
ENG 353: Melodrama: From Uncle Tom's Cabin to GA Rodal, Jocelyn ENG: English
ENG 409: Topics in Drama: The Antigone Project Dwan, Lisa ENG: English
MAT 447: Commutative Algebra Huh, June MAT: Mathematics
AAS 303: Scientific Racism: Then and Now Cordero, Dannelle AAS: African American Studies
TUR 101: Elementary Turkish Hatemi, Nilufer TUR: Turkish
ATL 499: Fantasia! Fantasia: Dance-Theatre-Media Kelly, Raja ATL: Princeton Atelier
MAT 175: Mathematics for Economics/Life Sciences Johnson J et al, MAT: Mathematics
MAT 469: Advanced Topology Kartal, Y MAT: Mathematics
HIS 400: HIS 400 S3 Mota, Isadora M HIS: History
WRI 131: Posthuman Fedosik, Marina WRI: Writing Seminar
SPA 107: Intermediate/Advanced Spanish Holgado-Lage, Anais SPA: Spanish
CHM 207: Advanced General Chemistry: Materials Ch Bocarsly, et al, CHM: Chemistry
KOR 405: Readings in Modern Korean I Choi, HJ KOR: Korean
MAT 202: Linear Algebra with Applications Butler et al., MAT: Mathematics
HEB 101: Elementary Hebrew I Zhakevich, Phillip HEB: Hebrew
MOL 350: Laboratory in Molecular Biology Lorenz, Laurel MOL: Molecular Biology
GER 516: Topics in Twentieth-Century Literature Jennings, Michael GER: Germanic Languages and Literatures
ENG S2: Junior Seminar in Critical Writing Readi Anderson, Sarah ENG: English
ITA 401: Seminar in Italian Literature Marrone-Puglia, Gaetana ITA: Italian
MOL 460: Diseases in Children: Causes, Costs, and Notterman, D MOL: Molecular Biology
JPN 305: Integrative Advanced Japanese Shibata, Tomoko JPN: Japanese
AAS 411: Art, Apartheid and South Africa Okeke-Agulu, Chika AAS: African American Studies
FRE 516: Seminar in 17th-Cent. French Literature Schroder, Volker FRE: French
MAT 215: Honors Analysis (Single Variable) STAFF - MAT, MAT: Mathematics
MAT 340: Applied Algebra STAFF - MAT, MAT: Mathematics
ENG 415: Imagining Human Rights Gikandi, Simon ENG: English
FRE 215: France Today: Culture, Politics, and Soc Sagnier, Christine FRE: French
ENG 567: Special Studies in Modernism DiBattista, Maria ENG: English
MAT 520: Functional Analysis Lie, Victor MAT: Mathematics
ENV 304: Disease Ecology, Economics and Policy Grenfell , B, ENV: Program in Environmental Studies
COM 573: Asian Feminist Epistemologies: Theory & Huang, Erin COM: Comparative Literature
MAT 214: Numbers, Equations and Proofs McConnell, M MAT: Mathematics
ENG 328: Topics In Renaissance: Erotic Poetry Cormack, Bradin ENG: English
CHM 301: Organic Chemistry I Gingrich et al., CHM: Chemistry
GER 105: Intermediate German Volpe, Courtney GER: Germanic Languages and Literatures
FRS 147: How People Change Kohler, Sheila FRS: FRESHMAN SEMINAR
JPN 301: Advanced Japanese Watanabe, Megumi JPN: Japanese
ENV 200: The Environmental Nexus ENV instructors, ENV: Program in Environmental Studies
CWR 348: Introduction to Screenwriting: Writing t Hemon, Aleksandar CWR: Creative Writing
SPA 209: Spanish Language & Culture Through Cinem Zujevic, Jovana SPA: Spanish
EAS 372: Strange Korean Families Chizhova, Ksenia EAS: East Asian Studies
MAT 345: Algebra I Tang,, Yunqing MAT: Mathematics
ENG 573: Problems in Literary Study Chihaya, Sarah ENG: English
SPA 213: Of Love and Other Demons Guerrero, Javier SPA: Spanish
WRI 163: Contagion Urena, Carolyn WRI: Writing Seminar
SPA 407: Contemporary Spain: An Advanced Intro Mendez, German SPA: Spanish
ECS 326: Versailles: Court and Culture from Louis Schroder, Volker ECS: Program in European Cultural Studies
MOL 345: Biochemistry Cristea, Ileana M. MOL: Molecular Biology
MAT 447: Commutative Algebra Diao, H MAT: Mathematics
AST 303: Deciphering the Universe: Research Metho Kunz et al., AST: Astrophysical Sciences
THR 385: Theater and Society Now Herrera, Brian THR: Program in Theater and Dance
GEO 203: Fundamentals of Solid Earth Science Irving, J. GEO: Geosciences
FRS 113: Freshman Seminar Fratto, Elena FRS: Freshman Seminars
EEB 321: Ecology: Species Interactions, Biodivers Pringle, Robert EEB: Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
SLA 307: Manuscripts Don't Burn Reischl, Katherine SLA: Slavic Languages and Literartures
WRI 151: Love and Social Change Arroyo, Joy WRI: Writing Seminar
REL 228: Religion in Japanese Culture Lowe, Bryan REL: Religion
LAS 313: Politcs of Nature & Dev in Lat Am Thorpe, Marian LAS: Program in Latin American Studies
MAT 550: Differential Geometry Coda Marques, Fernando MAT: Mathematics
KOR 301: KOR 301 Cho, Seunghee KOR: Korean
WRI 198: Apocalypse How? Risteen, Nicholas WRI: Writing Seminar
FRE 307: Advanced French Language and Style Abele, Celia FRE: French
JRN 441: McGraw Seminar in Writing: War Reporting Ferguson, Jane JRN: Journalism
EAS 260: Japan's Media Mix: Anime/Cinema/Gaming Prichard, Franz EAS: East Asian Studies
MOL 214: Introduction to Cellular and Molecular B Gavis, Elizabeth R. MOL: Molecular Biology
GEO 102A/B: Climate: Past, Present, and Future Sigman, D M GEO: Geosciences
ANT 347: Culture, Media and Data Himpele, Jeffrey ANT: Anthropology
POL 367: Latin American Politics Yashar, D. POL: Politics
COM 239: Intro to African Literature and Film Belcher, Wendy COM: Comparative Literature
SPA 250: Identity in the Hispanic World Lee, Christina H. SPA: Spanish
SPA 252: Narrating Pandemics Now Mendez, German SPA: Spanish
PHY 301: Thermal Physics Page, Lyman PHY: Physics
URB 201: Introduction to Urban Studies Boyer, M. Christine URB: Urban Studies
EEB 327: Immune Systems: From Molecules to Popula Graham, Andrea EEB: Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
MAT 201: Multivariable Calculus STAFF - MAT, MAT: Mathematics
ITA 302: Boccaccio Marchesi, Simone ITA: Italian
POL 366: Politics in Africa Widner, Jennifer POL: Politics
GEO 422: Data, Models, and Uncertainty in the Sci Simons, Frederik GEO: Geosciences
MAT 214: Numbers, Equations and Proofs Skinner, C MAT: Mathematics
SPA 345: Topics in Latin American Literature Diaz-Quinones, Arcadio SPA: Spanish
FRS 169: Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Moore, Susanna FRS: Freshman Seminars
HIS 376: American Civil War and Reconstruction Karp, Matthew HIS: History
PHY 105: Advanced Physics (Mechanics) Lisanti, Mariangela PHY: Physics
PSY 252: Social Psychology Tamir, Diana PSY: Psychology
MUS 105: Music Theory Through Performance and ... Dennehy, Donnacha M. MUS: Music
ART 214: Contemporary Art: 1950-2000 Perl, AnnMarie ART: Art and Archaeology
HLS 101: Elementary Modern Greek STAFF, HLS: Program in Hellenic Studies
FRS 165: Archaeology as History Kay, Janet FRS: FRESHMAN SEMINAR
MAT 175: Mathematics for Economics/Life Sciences Zhang,, Boyu MAT: Mathematics
MAT 300: Multivariable Analysis I Li, Chao MAT: Mathematics
LIN 207: Intermediate American Sign Language Buchholz, Noah LIN: Linguistics
MAT 202: Linear Algebra with Applications Marcus A et al., MAT: Mathematics
MAT 100: Calculus Foundations Howard & Johnson, MAT: Mathematics
ITA 108: Advanced Italian - Contemporary Society Dossena, Elisa ITA: Italian
SPA 108: Advanced Spanish Bilbao, Gorka SPA: Spanish
CHM 305: The Quantum World Scholes, et al, CHM: Chemistry
GER 209: Introduction to German Literature ... Nagel, Barbara GER: Germanic Languages and Literatures
MAT 425: Analysis III: Integration Theory and Hil Rodnianski, I MAT: Mathematics
FRS 123: Wordplay: A Wry Plod from Babel to Scrab Katz, Joshua FRS: FRESHMAN SEMINAR
GEO 363: Environmental Chemistry: Chemistry of th Myneni, S GEO: Geosciences
SAS 335: Gender and performing arts in South Asia Phillips, Robert SAS: South Asian Studies
HIN 105: Intermediate Hindi I Phillips, Robert HIN: Hindi
POL 360: Social Movements and Contentious Politic Beissinger, Mark POL: Politics
FRS 117: Before the Holocaust: Germans, Jews Hailey, Christopher FRS: FRESHMAN SEMINAR
ENG 308: American Cinema Fuss, Diana J. ENG: English
ENG 339: Topics in 18th-Century Literature - Jane Johnson, C. ENG: English
PHY 301: Thermal Physics Bialek, William PHY: Physics
CHM 515: Biophysical Chemistry I Rabinowitz, Joshua CHM: Chemistry
FRE 389: Producing Theater: French Festivals Toda Masse, Florent FRE: French
EEB 211: Life on Earth: Chaos and Clockwork of Bi STAFF, EEB, EEB: Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
NES 269: The Politics of Modern Islam Haykel, Bernard NES: Near Eastern Studies
HUM 335: Global History of Monsters Marcon, Federico HUM: Humanities
CHM 373: Analytical Methods and Experimental Desi Kelly & Wang, CHM: Chemistry
HIS 345: The Crusades Shawcross, Teresa HIS: History
MOL 514: Molecular Biology Gavis & Silhavy, MOL: Molecular Biology
MAT 104: Calculus II Nguyen et al, MAT: Mathematics
EEB 321: Ecology: Species Interactions, Biodivers Pringle, Robert EEB: Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
COS 126: Computer Science: An Interdisciplinary August, David COS: Computer Science
FRE 221: Rise of France Champy, Flora FRE: French
ENG 408: Queer Literatures: Theory, Narrr & Aesth Leon, C. ENG: English
MAT 202: Linear Algebra with Applications Ascher, K MAT: Mathematics
CHM 515: Biophysical Chemistry 1 Ando & Rabinowitz, CHM: Chemistry
MAT 425: Analysis III: Integration Theory and Hil Logunov, Aleksandr MAT: Mathematics
MUS 261: Jazz Composition, Arranging, and Harmony Argue, Darcy MUS: Music
SPA 237: Wildness, Whiteness and Manliness in CLA Legnani, Nicole SPA: Spanish
CHI 405: Intensive Fourth-Year Modern Chinese I Hsieh, Fang-Yen CHI: Chinese
MOL 459/55: Viruses: Strategy and Tactics Enquist, Lynn W. MOL: Molecular Biology
SPI 401: Policy Seminars Barton, F. SPI: Public & International Affairs
ITA 220: Italian Civilization Through the Centu Marrone-Puglia, Gaetana ITA: Italian
HIS 383: United States 1920-1974 Kruse, Kevin HIS: History
ENG 390: The Bible as Literature Schor, Esther H. ENG: English
FRS 163: Once Upon a Time: Magic Tales & Meaning Beissinger, Margaret FRS: FRESHMAN SEMINAR
MAT 320: Introduction to Real Analysis STAFF - MAT, MAT: Mathematics
PHY 305: Introduction to Quantum Theory Romalis, Michael PHY: Physics
AMS 317: Sondheim's Musicals & the Making of Amer Wolf, Stacy AMS: American Studies
NEU 201: Fundamentals of Neuroscience Boulanger, L. NEU: Neuroscience
FRE 334: Race in France Wampole, Christy FRE: French
PHY 105: Advanced Physics (Mechanics) Jones, W. PHY: Physics
ENV 357: Empire of the Ark: The Animal Question i McClintock, Anne ENV: Enviromental Studies
KOR 303: Integrative Korean Yong, Namseok KOR: Korean
FRS 143: Is Politics a Performance Landsman, Aaron FRS: FRESHMAN SEMINAR
MOL 380: Modern Microbiology Jonikas, Martin C. MOL: Molecular Biology
ENG 206: Making and Remaking Fiction Chihaya, Sarah ENG: English
ENG 354: Black Dramatists in the English-Speaking Davis, Nathan ENG: English
SPI 593P: International Negotiation and Mediation Vertin, Z. SPI: Public & International Affairs
GHP 350: Critical Perspectives in Global Health Ramirez Hernandez, Sebastian GHP: Global Health Policy
FRE 101: Beginner's French Laforet, J. FRE: French
MAT 335: Analysis II: Complex Analysis Naor,, A MAT: Mathematics
ARC 519: Climate Change, Adaptation and Urban Des Nordenson, G ARC: Architecture
EEB 308: Conservation Biology Wilcove, D. EEB: Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
ANT 503B: Co-Seminar in Anthro: Self & the Person Borneman, John ANT: Anthropology
COM 244: Jews & Muslims: History and Culture Levy, Lital COM: Comparative Literature
EEB 327: Immune Systems: From Molecules to Popula Graham, Andrea EEB: Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
ART 348: Masters and Movements of 20th century ph McCauley, Anne ART: Art and Archaeology
SPA 552: Mimesis and Difference in Modern Lat Am Nouzeilles, Maria SPA: Spanish
COM 339: Political Novel and Cinema DiBattista, Maria COM: Comparative Literature
HIS 360: Russian Empire: From Peter the Great to Pravilova, Ekaterina HIS: History
CHM 525: Modern Electrochemistry Bocarsly, Andrew CHM: Chemistry
MAT 202: Linear Algebra with Applications McConnell et al., MAT: Mathematics
MOL 345: Biochemistry Petry, Sabine MOL: Molecular Biology
MAT 321: Numerical Methods Boumal, Nicolas MAT: Mathematics
EAS 236: Chinese Cinemas Huang, Erin EAS: East Asian Studies
MAT 520: Functional Analysis Constantin, P MAT: Mathematics
HIS 425: History of Political Propaganda from the Khristoforov, Igor HIS: History
ART 478: The Vikings: History and Archaelogy Kay, Janet ART: Art and Archaeology
MAT 103: Calculus I Damiolini et al., MAT: Mathematics
PHY 535: Many Body Methods in Condensed Matter Ph Meir, Yigal PHY: Physics
MAT 216: Accelerated Honors Analysis I Gunning, R et al, MAT: Mathematics
STC 297: Transformative Questions in Biology Durst, Paul STC: Science and Technology Council
NES 504: Introduction to Ottoman Turkish Hatemi, Nilufer NES: Near Eastern Studies
KOR 401: Contemporary Korean Language and Cultu Cho, Seunghee KOR: Korean
GER 107: Advanced German Oberlin, Adam GER: Germanic Languages and Literatures
MAT 103: Calculus I Fickenscher, et al, MAT: Mathematics
ITA 107: Advanced Italian Cellinese, Anna ITA: Italian
ITA 207: Studies in Italian Language and Style Cellinese, Anna ITA: Italian
FRS 145: Learning to 'Spell': Visions of School Hakim, Andrew FRS: Freshman Seminars
HEB 315: Israeli Film and Literature Zhakevich, Phillip HEB: Hebrew