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Anchoring Damage Awards of Mock-Jurors and Forewarning to Reduce Anchoring Effects

Sanford, Broden [Browse]
Senior thesis
Cooper, Joel [Browse]
Todorov, Alex [Browse]
Princeton University. Department of Psychology [Browse]
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77 pages
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Summary note:
Anchoring effects have been demonstrated in legal proceedings, while the literature has yet to demonstrate clearly whether or not Forewarning might be an available intervention against Anchoring effects. 388 participants who responded to an online survey were used to test the hypothesis that a Forewarning, delivered through a judge’s instructions, would reduce Anchoring effects in the damage awards of mock jurors. Although no statistically significant overall Forewarning by Anchoring effect was found, Forewarning was shown to create a significant difference between the Anchoring conditions once introduced. From what was found in the literature this is the first demonstration of Forewarning influencing Anchoring in a courtroom setting. The results suggest changes in current plaintiff award request strategy and that Forewarning may be a possible intervention in the courtroom.