Design of Three Low Cost Devices to Test the Characteristics of Batteries

Davies, Daniel M. [Browse]
Senior thesis
157 pages


Steingart, Daniel [Browse]
Littman, Michael [Browse]
Princeton University. Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering [Browse]
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Summary note
The goal of this project was to design and redesign hardware and software for testing different characteristics of batteries. One device was improved (the Ardustat) and two other devices were created the Simplestat and the Megastat. Each iteration was designed for the lowest cost as well as a couple key differences in functionality. Circuit design was performed to create the hardware for the Simplestat and to complete the hardware for the Megastat. The control algorithms of the Ardustat were analyzed and then improved. Control algorithms were designed and implemented in both the Simplestat and the Megastat. Software was designed to complete cyclic voltammetry analysis for all three devices. An synchronous server was also developed in Python to enhance the communication between the python clients and micro-controller firmwares. The successful completion of the cyclic voltammograms by the simple stat validates its design. The successful completion of the cyclic voltammogram with the counter electrode as a reference proves the validity of continuing the development of the Megastat. Future work includes continued hardware and firmware design for the Megastat; added firmware control for the Simplestat and Ardustat; and software improvements for all three devices to increase the number of electrochemical tests that they are capable of completing.

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