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Triumph Motorcycle Engine Performance Tuning and Engine Dynamometer Development

DeValve, Seth [Browse]
Senior thesis
Littman, Michael G. [Browse]
Princeton University. Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering [Browse]
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75 pages
Summary note:
This paper presents the progress of data acquisition quality from the MAE department’s engine dynamometer and provides initial verification of the fidelity of the data acquired. Verification is achieved by way of presenting DC motor torque curves measured on the dyno which agree with the theoretical framework from electromagnetic theory. Further verification is achieved by way of presentation of dyno data measured from a 1956, single cylinder, 200cc, Triumph motorcycle engine and comparison with engine modeling software and the 1956 published curve. The results presented reveal a very good agreement between the empirical, numerical, and 1956 published curve which grants reliability to the engine dynamometer as well as validity to the engine modeling software. Further validity is given to the torque curves through a qualitative and quantitative study on engine resonance. Lastly, additional improvements are suggested to continue to improve the data acquisition quality, as well as recommendations for future research.