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Single-Parent Families to Three-Generation Families: The Effect of Different Family Structures on Child's Educational Attainment in China

Ko, Myung Jin [Browse]
Senior thesis
Noonan, Kelly [Browse]
Princeton University. Department of Economics [Browse]
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The growing number of unconventional families has become a globalphenomenon. While a handful of studies have explored the effects of differentfamily structures on children’s educational attainments, research on the Chinesepopulation is still limited. Using data from the 2014 China Family Panel Studies(CFPS), this study examines the effect of family structure on the educationalattainments of students of age 10 to 15 in China. The study explores the gap ineducational attainments between students living in intact families and thoseliving in single-parent families and discusses the role of coresidentialgrandparents in various household settings. Using two definitions of single-parenthood,the study highlights that the effects of physical separation and legaldetachment between parent and child act differently on children’s educationalattainments. The two-part conventional OLS analysis suggests that the negativeimpact of single-parenthood can be mitigated through the emotional support ofcoresidential grandparents, particularly for those living with divorced mothers.Overall, the effect living in a single-father household is more detrimental relativeto the effect of living in a single-mother household. The study also challenges theMarkovian assumption by providing evidence of direct multi-generationaltransfer of educational resources from coresidential grandparents tograndchildren in intact families.