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Preserving Biodiversity in Chuck Swan Wildlife Management Area and State Forest: How Recreational Uses Can Be Managed to Minimize Impacts to Local Biodiversity

Bergeron II, O'Neill J. [Browse]
Senior thesis
Pringle, Robert [Browse]
Princeton University. Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology [Browse]
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26 pages
Summary note:
Chuck Swan Wildlife Management Area and State Forest is an underutilized land holding in the State of Tennessee public lands system. It has an incredibly rich and colorful ecologic and human history that has shaped the present day landscape and biodiversity. This study examines the relationship between outdoor recreation and biodiversity. Both observational research on site in Chuck Swan and literary research was completed to better understand this relationship and inform policy suggestions that will allow for increased recreational use in the future while mitigating the impacts usually caused by increased use. This paper is unique in that a more personal approach has been taken with much of the research. It is intended to reach beyond the scientific audience and be read by local outdoor recreationists and policy makers.