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Narrow Dispersion Satellite Speaker for BACCH™ DSP Audio System

Scheer, Jacob [Browse]
Senior thesis
Choueiri, Edgar [Browse]
Princeton University. Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering [Browse]
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38 pages
Summary note:
Recent breakthroughs in digital signal processing technology have facilitated the development of high-spatial fidelity stereophonic playback systems with unprecedented three dimensional realism. This 3D reproduction of binaural recordings through loudspeakers, also known as transauralization, is poised to experience tremendous growth in the coming years. One natural application of this technology is desktop or laptop multimedia consumption, which, for a large portion of the population, is the primary listening environment. In this project, a desktop-sized 2.1-channel loudspeaker system was optimized for the BACCH® dSP (desktop Stereo Purifier) software to be used in a desktop listening environment. The specific focus was to selecting optimal sound-producing transducers; developing enclosures for those transducers; and test, measure and optimize their performance. Quantitative analysis of the system’s 3D audio performance was performed and compared with that of similar 2.1-channel desktop speaker systems.