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Design, Manufacturing, and Analysis of a Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine for High Reynolds Numbers

Phidd, Arthur Richard [Browse]
Senior thesis
Hultmark, Marcus [Browse]
Princeton University. Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering [Browse]
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47 pages
Summary note:
This senior thesis details the design, fabrication, and experimental analysis of a rotor for a horizontal-axis model wind turbine. The independent work culminated in experiments with this model wind turbine performed in the student wind tunnel of the Princeton University Engineering Quadrangle. This model wind turbine is designed to be used in the Princeton University High Reynolds Number Test Facility with the goal of regenerating the flow experienced by an actual wind turbine. The High Reynolds Number Test Facility was unavailable for use during the testing phase of this independent work, so the student wind tunnel was used as the wind turbine testing location. The design of the wind turbine blades was centered on the calculation of the aerodynamic loads on the blades and the stresses induced by those loads. This data served as a basis for choosing an adequate material from which to manufacture the wind turbine rotor. The manufacturing phase of the work required careful fabrication of test blades followed by the fabrication of a blade/hub assembly. A stress test was performed on one of the test blades. The rotor assembly was attached to the wind turbine, which was installed in the wind tunnel. The experiments in the tunnel provided data on the output of the wind turbine. This data allowed for characterization of the capability of the model wind turbine and a better understanding of the degree to which it could model an actual wind turbine. Additionally, it serves as motivation for eventual experimentation in the High Reynolds Number Test Facility. Ultimately, future studies would benefit from the methods and outcomes of these experiments in the student wind tunnel.