A Work in Progress: Identifying the Determinants of South African Adolescents’ HIV Protective Behavior

Zhang, Sunny [Browse]
Senior thesis
77 pages


Hammer, Jeffrey [Browse]
Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs [Browse]
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Summary note
In South Africa, adolescents, ages 15-24, have the highest rate of HIV incidence. To decrease new infections, adolescents are encouraged to use condoms, one of the most effective methods to prevent HIV transmission. This thesis conducts a systematic review of existing literature to identify key determinants of condom use among South African adolescents. The determinants are selected based on the frequency with which they are mentioned in the literature. While this thesis explores ten determinants, it mostly focuses on risk perception, gender, and education. Findings from the review are inconsistent across sources. For most of the determinants, it is inconclusive whether the relationship between the determinant and condom use is positive or negative, or if there is any significance in the relationship at all. Therefore, to reconcile contradictory findings, the respective papers should be reviewed in chronological order. From this perspective, the substantial amount of variation is less contradictory, and more likely reflective of changes over time or in response to South Africa’s HIV policies and interventions.

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