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Picking Up Speed: Convective Velocimetry in Low-Reynolds Number Turbulent Channel Flow

Stadlan, Joshua [Browse]
Senior thesis
Hultmark, Marcus [Browse]
Princeton University. Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering [Browse]
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96 pages
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Summary note:
This paper proposes and implements the adaptation of a Malley probe to measure convection velocity in turbulent shear flow and begins to assess its efficacy as a ve-locimeter. Pitot tube mean velocity measurements and Malley probe convection ve-locity measurements were made in a low-Reynolds number incompressible turbulent channel flow, using temperature as a passive scalar, to evaluate, based on Taylor’s frozen turbulence hypothesis, the relationship between convection velocity and mean velocity. Initial results do not support the view that convection velocity is indepen-dent of the local mean velocity, inviting further investigation into the viability of the Malley probe as a non-invasive velocimeter, whether in fluid mechanics research or aviation.