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Patria, Progreso, y Procede: An Econometric Analysis of Mexico's Primary Land-Titling Reform and Its Impact on the Pre-Existing Effects within Rural Communities

De Alba, Jose [Browse]
Senior thesis
Bhatt, Swati [Browse]
Princeton University. Department of Economics [Browse]
Princeton University. Program in Latin American Studies [Browse]
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This paper analyzes the effects of land-titling policies, individual-specific variables, and municipality-specific variables on the number of hours worked and well-being by those living in rural Mexico. The analysis focuses on the pre-existing effect that individual- and municipality-specific variables have in the number of hours worked by those living in rural Mexico and the land-titling program's impact on such effects. This approach differs from the existing literature in that it examines the effect of land-titling programs on the pre-existing condition and shifts the focus to a worker focuses approach, rather than a production function approach. This study builds on previous studies by using a difference-in-difference model and an OLS model, while incorporating a larger sample. Using individual- and municipality-level data from IPUMS, and GIS data from Openstreet map and GADM, this study finds that while land-titling policy amplifies the effect of individual-specific variables, the analysis of municipality-specific variables is needed as it provides a clearer picture of the role that land-titling programs can have on well-being. These results are particularly relevant given the ongoing debate surrounding the role that land-titling programs play in bettering the economic conditions of developing nations.