The Material Properties and Construction Methods of Thin Shell Ice Structures

Cox, Michael [Browse]
Senior thesis


Adriaenssens, Sigrid M. [Browse]
Princeton University. Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering [Browse]
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Summary note
This thesis explores the material properties of ice and ice composite samples, and theirstructural application in thin shell structures. The thesis starts with a thorough review ofprevious uses of ice as a building material, thin shell structures, experimental shell forms inconstruction, and properties of ice and ice composite. The ice and ice composite propertiesare further explored through a series of strength tests performed at Princeton University.The understanding of these properties is vital for design and analysis of structuresconstructed with these materials. This thesis also describes the design, construction andanalysis of a thin shell ice structure built for the purpose of this research at the University ofManitoba. The shell was designed through a form finding process and principal stress lineanalysis. It was then constructed using a bending active frame system with a fabric formworkthat mimicked the principal stress patterns in the structure. The economic and structuraladvantages of this novel construction method are detailed herein this thesis and used tosupport future investigation into the technique and its potential as a rapid buildingtechnology.

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