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A Methodology for the Preliminary Design Process of a Bulged Diagrid Tall Building

Eruz, Erman [Browse]
Senior thesis
Adriaenssens, Sigrid [Browse]
Princeton University. Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering [Browse]
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118 pages
Summary note:
Diagrid is a structural system which provides great architectural freedom as well as structural efficiency. In our time when there is a shift from the rectilinear form of the tall building typology to more complex forms with the intent of creating iconic structures, the diagrid stands as a very promising option. Since convex curves are a design choice that is used frequently in practice, bulged diagrid structures are chosen as the subject of this thesis. The research on diagrids have so far focused on rectangular tubular structures, and the complex shaped structures have only been approached from a non-analytical, numerical-model driven parametric study point of view. This thesis aims to provide a methodology that allows for quick structural analysis of different design alternatives, in order to accelerate and maximize the efficiency of the feedback between the architects and the engineers. After laying out the necessary tools that make up the methodology, the thesis applies them on a case study, to fully demonstrate the preliminary design stage of such a building. The tools prove to be quick and informative, making it possible to evaluate different design options in a short amount of time, having the potential to help practitioners reach to better informed decisions in a limited amount of time.