3D Printed Ball Bearing

Oladosu, Olamide Ayokunmi [Browse]
Senior thesis
25 pages


Littman, Michael G. [Browse]
Princeton University. Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering [Browse]
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Summary note
3D printed assemblies are no longer the rarity they were just five years ago; files on everything from 3D printed candy boxes to funnels and Star Wars models are available for download online. Among these models are parts that have been classically associated with metal for decades, such as gears or gimbals. The presence of these models highlights the potential for 3D printed parts to become fully integrated into more major manufacturing processes. For this to happen, however, the working performance limits of the various parts must be established. This paper looks at one mechanism, ball bearings, and examines the axial load limit of a 3D printed 72mm diameter bearing. Two designs for the bearing, one with a support on the balls and one without, were tested. A custom testing rig was built through three Testing Iterations, and an Instron machine was used to test the bearings to destruction. It was concluded that there is a 3kN maximum load limit on a 3D printed 72 mm diameter ball bearing.

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