RFID-Based Feed Tracking System and Embedded Infrared Camera System for Tracking Mice

Li, Weimen [Browse]
Senior thesis


Sengupta, Kaushik [Browse]
Princeton University. Department of Electrical Engineering [Browse]
Princeton University. Program in Robotics and Intelligent Systems [Browse]
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Summary note
Here, we detail the design of two systems for use to aid researchers in the field of neuroscience in tracking mice to perform experiments. The first system is an extension of an already-existing project called the FED System. The FED System is a device designed to track the feeding behavior of mice by dispensing food pellets to mice, and counting the number of pellets that the mice have taken. Our contribution to the FED System is to add RFID capability to it, which allows researchers to distinguish which mouse is taking the food pellets; it also allows for interesting experimental manipulations, as the RFID allows researchers to program the FED to respond only to certain mice. The second system is a portable infrared camera system, which allows researchers to monitor mice behavior in the dark, where they are most active.

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