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Domada, Tiramisu, Kurtoskalacs, Kaiseki, and Haute Cuisine: The Stratification of Culinary Prestige at Expo Milano 2015 and in the Michelin Guide

Shu, Anthony [Browse]
Senior thesis
Conley, Dalton [Browse]
Princeton University. Department of Sociology [Browse]
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115 pages
Summary note:
This thesis merges ethnographic work at the 2015 Universal Exposition in Milan with statistical analysis of the New York City Michelin Guide to explore hierarchies of cultural wealth. This study examines the distribution, maintenance, and attainment of culinary prestige, focusing on nation-states as subjects. Ethnographic work revealed advantages supporting the safeguarding of Western European gastronomic capital while obstacles limited the mobility of subjugated, raw-product producing nations. Statistical analysis explored interactions between global economic phenomena and nations’ achievement of culinary prestige as measured by the Michelin guide, but models failed to return significant results. However, the data hinted at Michelin stars rewarding restaurant characteristics that were more accessible for restaurants serving wealthier nations’ cuisines.