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Drone Warfare in The United States of America: Relating the Media, the Public, & the Policies

Mendenhall, Sarah [Browse]
Senior thesis
Yarhi-Milo, Keren [Browse]
Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs [Browse]
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Summary note:
In this paper, the relationship between the media, public opinion, and U.S. policies in relation to drones are examined at length. This paper shows that the media plays a large role in determining public opinion on many subjects. Using techniques of framing and elite cueing, the media portrays drone strikes in many different ways. These differences are examined and then compared to public opinion polls. The paper draws conclusions on the relationship between the media’s representation of drones and public opinion by using case studies of a specific drone strike. After proving this relationship, the next relationship that is highlighted in this paper is the connection between public opinion and changes in U.S. policies. This paper shows through multiple examples that there is indeed a correlation between changing public opinion and a change in policy. The current U.S. policies surrounding drones are determined as unfit and new recommendations are made that take into account the media’s portrayal of drones and public opinion.