Sustainable Solutions for the Renovation of Princeton Terrace Club

Scanlan, Katelyn [Browse]
Senior thesis
70 pages


Adriaenssens, Sigrid [Browse]
Princeton University. Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering [Browse]
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Summary note
This thesis centers around the renovation of Terrace Club, an eating club affiliated with Princeton University. Founded in 1904, the collective of upperclass Princeton students moved into their clubhouse in 1906 upon its completion. The original house (the “Hibben House”) was in the colonial style, but in the 1920s, a new clubhouse was built in its place on the old foundation. Since its completion, the house has been largely untouched in terms of construction, with one exception. In 1986, a fire razed nearly a third of the house. In 1987, the burnt section was rebuilt to mimic the original architecture. A quarter century since its last repair, the house is slated for renovation in the next few years. Drawing from similar restoration projects, this thesis seeks to address possible energy-saving and eco-friendly initiatives that could be integrated into the planned renovations.

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