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Optimizing the Residential Microgrid: A Mercer County Case Study Using Simulation and Empirical Climate Data

Phillips, Julia Anne [Browse]
Senior thesis
Kornhauser, Alain [Browse]
Princeton University. Department of Operations Research and Financial Engineering [Browse]
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53 pages
Summary note:
The following study contains a microgrid renewable energy portfolio optimization model. There is much debate around the topic of microgrids at present, and many scholars model the theoretical microgrid’s optimal consumption portfolio in theory. However, to achieve a higher resolution of information from one’s microgrid model, it is best to choose one location’s unique climate and consumption data in particular to use in one’s model. This model does so, and notes the effects that the unique traits of each district has on the overall portfolio of renewable energy. It is based on data modeling consumption behaviors, solar irradiance values, and historical climate data pertaining to Mercer County, New Jersey. This site’s profile will serve as the testing ground for hypotheses related to how renewable energy intermittency, consumption levels, urbanization, microgrid size, and income levels effect the optimal mix of renewable energy generators in microgrids.