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Ribosome Profiling and Translational Control in Drosophila Embryo and Ovary Tissues

Shi, Kevin [Browse]
Senior thesis
Gavis, Elizabeth [Browse]
Princeton University. Department of Molecular Biology [Browse]
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77 pages
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The newly developed method of ribosome profiling allows for the direct examination of translational regulatory events. We have extended a ribosome profiling experiment done in Drosophila embryos into ovary samples. Though some of our analyses were confounded by sample noise, likely owing to relatively low sequencing depth, we have identified novel potential translational regulation events through the detection of aberrant ribosome coverage in numerous genes through both low resolution averages of ribosome profile and higher resolution nucleotide-level analyses. Finally, following previous experiments that have suggested a readthrough event in par-1, we have determined that the 3’ UTR of par-1 contains a nuclear localization signal, such that a readthrough event in par-1 would lead to its sequestration in the nucleus.