Chaos & nonlinear dynamics in the financial markets : theory, evidence and applications / Robert R. Trippi, editor.

Chicago : Irwin Professional Publishing, c1995.
xxvi, 505 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm + 1 computer disc (3 1/2 in.)


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  • Chaos & Nonlinear Dynamics in the Financial Markets explores both theory and empirical results related to nonlinear determinism in the dynamics of asset prices. It includes a wealth of material on the properties of chaotic processes relevant to markets, along with statistical and other tests which have been developed specifically to detect the presence of chaotic behavior.
  • This authoritative guide covers a comprehensive range of issues associated with chaos theory. It includes sections on theoretical foundations; evidence of chaos in the stock market, commodities markets, and money markets; and a section on advanced methodological issues. You'll also find included Chaos Explorer, a complimentary software package that graphically illustrates the chaotic processes that are referenced throughout the book.
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  • 1. Nonlinear and Chaotic Dynamics: An Economist's Guide / Michael D. Weiss -- 2. When Random Is Not Random: An Introduction to Chaos in Market Prices / Robert Savit -- 3. Adaptive Learning and Roads to Chaos: The Case of the Cobweb / Cars H. Hommes -- 4. Chaos Models and Their Implications for Forecasting / William J. Baumol and Richard E. Quandt -- 5. Structural Shifts and the Volatility of Chaotic Markets / Sherrill Shaffer -- 6. Testing for Nonlinear Dependence in Daily Stock Indices / Thomas Willey -- 7. A Chaotic Attractor for the S&P 500 / Edgar E. Peters -- 8. Evidence of Chaos in the S&P 500 Cash Index / Robert M. Eldridge, Christopher Bernhardt and Irene Mulvey -- 9. Investor Preferences and the Correlation Dimension / Steve Satchell and Allan Timmermann -- 10. Modeling Structured Nonlinear Knowledge to Predict Stock Market Returns / Ypke Hiemstra -- 11. Evidence of Chaos in Commodity Futures Prices / Gregory P. DeCoster, Walter C. Labys and Douglas W. Mitchell --
  • 12. "Chaos" in Futures Markets? A Nonlinear Dynamical Analysis / Steven C. Blank -- 13. Nonlinear Dynamics of Daily Futures Prices: Conditional Heteroskedasticity or Chaos? / Seung-Ryong Yang and B. Wade Brorsen -- 14. Measuring the Strangeness of Gold and Silver Rates of Return / Murray Frank and Thanasis Stengos -- 15. A Low-Dimensional Fractal Attractor in the Foreign-Exchange Markets? / Dominique M. Guillaume -- 16. Implications of Nonlinear Dynamics for Financial Risk Management / David A. Hsieh -- 17. Chaotic Behavior in Exchange-Rate Series: First Results for the Peseta-U.S. Dollar Case / Oscar Bajo-Rubio, Fernando Fernandez-Rodriguez and Simon Sosvilla-Rivero -- 18. Nonlinearity in the Interest Rate Risk Premium / Ted Jaditz and Chera L. Sayers -- 19. Using the Correlation Exponent to Decide Whether an Economic Series Is Chaotic / T. Liu, Clive W. J. Granger and Walter P. Heller -- 20. A New Test for Chaos / Claire G. Gilmore --
  • 21. Measuring Complexity of Nonlinearity by a Relative Index with Application to Financial Time Series / M. A. Kaboudan -- 22. Nonlinearities and Chaotic Effects in Options Prices / Robert Savit -- 23. Chaos, Taxes, Stabilization, and Turnover / Sherrill Shaffer -- 24. Neural Learning of Chaotic Time Series Invariants / Gustavo Deco, Bernd Schuermann and Robert R. Trippi.
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Chaos and nonlinear dynamics in the financial markets: theory, evidence and applications
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  • Chaos explorer for Microsoft Windows
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