The adventure of the illustrious scholar : papers presented to Oscar White Muscarella / edited by Elizabeth Simpson.

Leiden ; Boston : Brill, [2018]
xxviii, 1019 pages : illustrations, maps, plans ; 25 cm.


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Festschriften [Browse]
  • Culture and history of the ancient Near East ; v. 94. [More in this series]
  • Culture and history of the ancient Near East ; volume 94
Summary note
The Adventure of the Illustrious Scholar: Papers Presented to Oscar White Muscarella, edited by Elizabeth Simpson, is a Festschrift celebrating the career of one of the foremost archaeologists of the ancient Near East. Oscar Muscarella is a former curator at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and a formidable scholar who has excavated at sites in Turkey, Iran, and the United States. He has published eight books and nearly 200 articles, excavation reports, and reviews on topics ranging from the arts of antiquity and the importance of connoisseurship, to the difficulties of dating and the problems of forgeries, the looting of ancient sites, and the antiquities trade. The forty-seven contributors are experts in the areas of Muscarella's interests and are major scholars in their fields. This volume constitutes an unusual, important, and timely addition to the archaeological and art historical literature.
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Part 1. "There is Nothing like First-hand Evidence" -- Oscar White Muscarella and Sherlock Holmes / Laurie Adams -- Part 2. Arts and Archaeology : Anatolia -- The King Has Ass's Ears! : The Myth of Midas's Ear / Susanne Berndt -- The Project to Reconstruct the Early Bronze Age Hattian Royal Tombs of Alaca Hoyuk / Aykut Cinaroglu -- The Lydian Hoard and Its Progeny: Repatriation and the Statute of Limitations / Lawrence M. Kaye -- Labors Lost and Found in Tumulus mm at Gordion / Richard F. Liebhart -- A Pithos Burial at Sardis / David Gordon Mitten -- Attitudes toward the Past in Roman Phrygia: Survivals and Revivals / Lynn E. Roller -- The City Mound at Gordion : The Discovery, Study, and Conservation of the Wooden Fragments from Megaron 3 / Krysia Spirydowicz -- Monumental Entrances, Sculpture, and Idols at Kerkenes : Aspects of Phrygian Cult East of the Kizilirmak / Geoffrey Summers and Francoise Summers -- Of Fibulae, Of Course! / Maya Vassileva -- Part 3. Arts and Archaeology : Urartu -- Artifacts Belonging to Queen Qaquli and Mr. Tigursagga from an Elaborately Decorated Quarter of the Ayanis Fortress / Altan Cilingiroglu -- A Fragment of a Ram's Head Rhyton Found at Qalatgah, Iran / Stephan Kroll -- Toul-E Gilan and the Urartian Empire / D.T. Potts -- Some Considerations on Urartian Burial Rites / Veli Sevin -- Architectural and Other Observations Related to Erebuni in the Late Seventh/Early Sixth Centuries B.C. / David Stronach -- Part 4. Arts and Archaeology : The Near East -- Neo-Assyrian Views of Foreign Cities : A Brief Survey / Pauline Albenda -- The Role of the Petra Great Temple in the Context of Nabataean Archaeology / Martha Sharp Joukowsky -- Fibulae in Neo-Assyrian Burials / Friedhelm Pedde -- Fibulae, Chronology, and Related Considerations : Marlik Reloaded / Christian Konrad Piller -- A Middle Bronze Stele from Hama and Old Syrian Cylinder Seals / Barbara A. Porter -- A Unique Human Head-Cup from the Environs of Tel Qashish in the Jezreel Valley, Israel / Irit Ziffer, Edwin C.M. van den Brink, Orit Segal and Uzi Ad -- Part 5. Arts and Archaeology : The Mediterranean World -- Back to the Future : Memory, Nostalgia, and Identity in the 12th Century B.C.E. on Paros / Robert B. Koehl -- Liturgy / Gunter Kopcke -- What Did the Fisherman Catch? / Mark J. Rose -- The Weight of Good Measure : A Reassessment of the Balance Weights from the Late Bronze Age Shipwreck at Uluburun / Rachael Dealy Salisbury -- Part 6. Arts-Craft-Materials-Techniques -- Kyme : An Ancient Center of Jewelry Production in Asia Minor / Ozgen Acar -- Voicing the Past : The Implications of Craft-referential Pottery in Ancient Greece / Einav Zamir Dembin -- The Neoclassical Klismos Chair : Early Sources and Avenues of Diffusion / Ana Gutierrez-Folch -- The Furniture of the Ramesside Pharaohs / Geoffrey Killen -- Excavated Roman Jewelry : The Case of the Gold Body Chains / Meredith Nelson-Berry -- Ivory Identification / Anibal Rodriguez -- Luxury Arts of the Ancient Near East / Elizabeth Simpson -- Part 7. Issues and Methods -- The Literature of Loot : Notes on The Lie Became Great and Its Heirs / Roger Atwood -- Oscar the Oracle : On the Publication of Unprovenienced Objects / Larissa Bonfante -- The Illicit Antiquities Research Centre : Afterthoughts and Aftermaths / Neil Brodie -- Illicit Traffic of Pre-Columbian Antiquities / Clemency Chase Coggins -- The History and Continuing Impact of the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act (NAGPRA) / Emily Field -- Connoisseurship Conundrums and a Visit to Hans Hofmann's Studio / Carroll Janis -- Blue from Babylon : Notes from the Curatorial Trenches / Margaret Cool Root and Helen Dixon -- "Outing" the Old Teaching Collections / Karen D. Vitelli -- Figure and Ground : Reading Ancient Near Eastern Sources / Eva von Dassow -- Part 8. "Leave No Stone Unturned" -- "Elementary" / Jeanette Greenfield.
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