Ballantine on corporations / by Henry Winthrop Ballantine.

Ballantine, Henry Winthrop, 1880-1951 [Browse]
Revised edition.
Chicago : Callaghan and Company, 1946.
xx, 992 pages ; 22 cm


Corporation lawUnited States [Browse]
Continued by
Cox, James D., 1943- Corporations [Browse]
Summary note
"It has been the aim of the author completely to rewrite and enlarge the 1927 volume into what should be in reality a new treatise"--Pref. Includes index.
  • "It has been the aim of the author completely to rewrite and enlarge the 1927 volume into what should be in reality a new treatise"--Preface.
  • Includes index.
1. Forms of business association : advantages; classes of corporations -- 2. Creation of corporations : evolution of English and Amerian general corporation laws; drafting incorporation papers; the corporate franchise -- 3. Corporate existence; defective formation; de facto and estoppel doctrines; expiration, extension and revival of existence -- 4. Promoters' contracts -- 5. Powers of directors and officers; directors' meetings; delegation of authority -- 6. Duties and liabilities of directors and officers -- 7. Executive compensation : salary and bonus contracts; corporate opportunities; unfair profits of directors and officers -- 8. Purposes and powers : the scope of the authorized business and limitations on the authority of the directors -- 9. Corporate liability for torts and crimes; protection of corproate names -- 10. The separate corporate entity privilege and its limitations -- 11. Shareholders' suits, individual and derivative -- 12. Rights and powers of shareholders -- 13. Issue of shares and subscriptions : corporate capital -- 14. Capital structure, preferences and classes of securities -- 15. Accounting statements and dividend law : ascertainment of surplus and profits -- 16. Dividend distributions : rights, restrictions and liabilities -- 17. Purchase by a corporation of its own shares : treasury shares;; redemption of shares; reduction of capital -- 18. Amendments of the charter by the legislature and by majority shareholders -- 19. Sales of assets, mergers and consolidations; rights of dissenting shareholders -- 20. Dissolution and winding up -- 21. The issue of share certificates and the transfer of shares; rights and liabilities of the corporation, transferor and transferee -- 22. Liability of shareholders to creditors -- 23. Fraudulent promotions; judge-made investor protection -- 24. Investor protection; state and federal securities acts.
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