The Einstein dossiers : science and politics--Einstein's Berlin period with an appendix on Einstein's FBI file / Siegfried Grundmann ; translated by Ann M. Hentschel.

Grundmann, Siegfried, 1938- [Browse]
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Berlin ; New York : Springer, c2005.
xix, 459 p. : ill. ; 24 cm.


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Includes bibliographical references (p. 377-432) and index.
During the Kaiserreich -- Military power and science -- "sturdy pillars of Germany's might" -- Einstein's path to Berlin -- World War I -- Einstein's political stance and activism -- Appointment as director of the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute of Physics -- On the board of trustees of the Bureau of Standards -- Upshot -- Einstein in private -- not quite private -- During the Weimar Republic -- Boycott of German science -- World renown -- Sponsorship -- the Einstein Tower -- The appeal for the "Einstein Donation Fund" -- Donations for the Einstein Tower -- A target for right-wing propaganda and violence -- Emissary and emigre -- Einstein's foreign travels -- Reasons and purposes of Albert Einstein's travels abroad -- The first excursions after the war -- trips to neutral lands -- The voyage to the United States and England -- Visiting the French, 1922 -- Japan, Palestine and Spain -- Sweden and Holland 1923 -- South America -- Foreign travels 1929-1933 -- Erstwhile Swiss, henceforth Prussian. Einstein's citizenship -- Einstein's membership in the International Committee on Intellectual Cooperation -- The founding of the Committee -- Einstein's appointment to the committee -- Withdrawal of membership and retraction -- Einstein's collaboration -- Einstein's position -- an object of desire. Einstein's deputy -- Einstein's confession -- The end of Einstein's collaboration -- this time irrevocably -- Albert Einstein/Sigmund Freud: Why war? -- Parting ways. Einstein and the end of the Weimar Republic -- Apparently "more tranquil and undisturbed" -- Einstein's summer villa -- Social milieu. Friends and acquaintance -- Political developments: Republic moves to the right, Einstein to the left -- The Third Reich -- Shouts of triumph by a band of murderers -- Resignation from the Academy of Sciences -- Expatriation -- Confiscations -- Bank account -- Summer villa -- Sailboat -- Any help from Switzerland? -- Einstein's FBI file -- reports on Albert Einstein's Berlin period -- Fact, fiction and lies -- Streets, places. Einstein's apartment -- Institutions. The Club of Intellectual Workers -- Persons: Richard Grosskopf/Helen Dukas -- What about Einstein himself? -- The Informant.
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