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Empirical studies in institutional change / edited by Lee J. Alston, Thráinn Eggertsson, Douglass C. North.

Cambridge ; New York : Cambridge University Press, 1996.
xi, 360 p. ; 24 cm.
Political economy of institutions and decisions. [More in this series]
Includes index.
  • Introduction / Lee J. Alston, Thrainn Eggertsson and Douglass C. North -- A note on the economics of institutions / Thrainn Eggertsson -- Empirical work in institutional economics: an overview / Lee J. Alston -- 1. Toward an understanding of property rights. Economic variables and the development of the law: the case of western mineral rights / Gary D. Libecap -- 2. Impediments to institutional change in the former Soviet system. Why economic reforms fail in the Soviet system: a property rights - based approach / Jan Winiecki -- 3. Transaction costs and economic development. Public institutions and private transactions: a comparative analysis of the legal and regulatory environment for business transactions in Brazil and Chile / Andrew Stone, Brian Levy and Ricardo Paredes -- 4. The evolution of modern institutions of growth. Constitutions and commitment: the evolution of institutions governing public choice in seventeenth-century England / Douglass C. North and Barry R. Weingast --
  • 5. Regulation in a dynamic setting. The political economy of controls: American sugar / Anne O. Krueger -- 6. Price controls, property rights, and institutional change. Roofs or stars: the stated intents and actual effects of a rents ordinance / Steven N. S. Cheung -- 7. Regulating natural resources: the evolution of perverse property rights. Legally induced technical regress in the Washington salmon fishery / Robert Higgs -- 8. The politics of institutional change in a representative democracy. A political theory of the origin of property rights: airport slots / William H. Riker and Itai Sened -- 9. The economics and politics of institutional change. Paternalism in agricultural labor contracts in the U.S. South: implications for the growth of the welfare state / Lee J. Alston and Joseph P. Ferrie -- Epilogue: economic performance through time / Douglass C. North.
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