Philosophical and theoretical perspectives for advanced nursing practice.

4th ed. / edited by William K. Cody
Sudbury, Mass. : Jones and Bartlett Publishers, c2006.
xi, 321 p. : ill. ; 23 cm.


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"Previous editions edited by the late Janet W. Kenney."
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Pt. I. The nursing disipline and the development of nursing knowledge -- Ch. 1. Values-based practice and evidence-based care : pursuing fundamental questions in nursing philosophy and theory / William K. Cody -- Ch. 2. Structuring nursing knowledge : a priority for creating nursing\u0027s future / Rozella M. Schlotfeldt -- Ch. 3. Fundamental patterns of knowing in nursing / Barbara A. Carper -- Ch. 4. Multiple paradigms of nursing science / Elizabeth J. Monti and Martha S. Tingen -- Ch. 5. What constitutes nursing science? / John R. Phillips -- Pt. II. Nursing science in the new millennium -- Ch. 6. The state of nursing science : hallmarks of the 20th and 21st centuries / Jacqueline Fawcett -- Ch. 7. The state of nursing science : reconceptualizing for the 21st century / Mary Cipriano Silva -- Ch. 8. Nursing science : the transformation of practice / Rosemarie Rizzo Parse -- Ch. 9. The nurse scholar of the 21st century / Sandra Schmidt Bunkers -- Ch. 10. Professionalism and the evolution of nursing as a discipline : a feminist perspective / Judith Wuest -- Ch. 11. Nursing science in the global community / Shake Ketefian and Richard W. Redman -- Ch. 12. A global perspective on domestic and international tensions in knowledge development / Kim Lutzen -- Pt. III. Nursing\u0027s metaparadigm : conceptualizations of health and nursing -- Ch. 13. Nursing theory-based practice : what it is and what it is not / William K. Cody -- Ch. 14. Nursing, the ontology of the discipline / Pamela G. Reed -- Ch. 15. A dialectical examination of nursing art / Joy L. Johnson -- Ch. 16. Expressing health through lifestyle patterns / Nola J. Pender -- Ch. 17. Healing as appreciating wholeness / W. Richard Cowling III -- Ch. 18. Relational narrative : the postmodern turn in nursing ethics / Sally Gadow -- Pt. IV. Nursing\u0027s metaparadigm : person and environment -- Ch. 19. Thinking upstream : nurturing a conceptual understanding of the societal context of health behavior / Patricia G. Butterfield -- Ch. 20. Environmental paradigms : moving toward an ecocentric perspective / Doroty Kleffel -- Ch. 21. Reframing outcomes : enhancing personhood / Anne Boykin and Savina Schoenhofer -- Ch. 22. A conceptual framework for person-centred practice with older people / Brendan McCormack -- Pt. V. Contemporary perspectives of nursing science -- Ch. 23. Post-positivistic critical muliplism : a beginning dialogue / Nicole Letourneau and Marion Allen -- Ch. 24. Esthetic and personal knowing through humanistic nursing / Dianne Pelletier Raymond -- Ch. 25. Nursing knowledge and human science : ontological and epistemological considerations / Gail J. Mitchell and William K. Cody -- Pt. VI. Interrelationships among nursing theory, research, and practice -- Ch. 26. On nursing theories and evidence / Jacqueline Fawcett, Jean Watson, Betty Neuman, Patricia Hinton Walker and Joyce J. Fitzpatrick -- Ch. 27. The notion of evidence in evidence-based practice by the nursing philosophy working group / Donna M. Romyn, Marion N. Allen, Geertje Boschma, Susan M. Duncan, Nancy Edgecombe, Louise A. Jensen, Janet C. Ross-Kerr, Patricia Marck, Mahvash Salsali, Ann E. Tourangeau and Fay Warnock -- Ch. 28. Evidence-based practice : critique and alternative view / Gail J. Mitchell -- Ch. 29. Critical thinking and theory-based practice / Ellen Clark Birx -- Ch. 30. The circle of caring : a transformative model of advanced practice nursing / Lynne M. Dunphy and Jill E. Winland-Brown -- Ch. 31. Theory-based advanced nursing practice / Janet W. Kenney.
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