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Vestibular rehabilitation / [edited by] Susan J. Herdman.

Philadelphia: Davis, c2000.
2nd ed.
xxix, 597 p. : ill. ; 26 cm.
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  • Sect. I. Fundamentals. Ch. 1. Anatomy and Physiology of the Normal Vestibular System / Timothy C. Hain, Tanya S. Ramaswamy and Michael A. Hillman. Ch. 2. Role of the Vestibular System in Postural Control / Fay B. Horak and Charlotte Shupert. Ch. 3. Postural Abnormalities in Vestibular Disorders / Emily A. Keshner. Ch. 4. Vestibular Adaptation / David S. Zee. Ch. 5. Vestibular System Disorders / Michael Fetter -- Sect. II. Medical Assessment. Ch. 6. Quantitative Vestibular Function Tests and the Clinical Examination / Vicente Honrubia. Ch. 7. Clinical Changes in Vestibular Function with Time after Unilateral Vestibular Loss / Ian S. Curthoys and G. Michael Halmagyi. Ch. 8. Otolith Function Tests / G. Michael Halmagyi and Ian S. Curthoys. Ch. 9. Audiological Assessment and Management / M. Cara Erskine and Hiroshi Shimizu -- Sect. III. Medical Management. Ch. 10. Pharmacological and Optical Methods of Treating Vestibular Disorders and Nystagmus / R. John Leigh.
  • Ch. 11. Surgical Management of Vestibular Disorders / Douglas E. Mattox. Ch. 12. Assessment and Management of Central Vestibular Disorders / Thomas Brandt and Marianne Dietrich. Ch. 13. Diagnosis and Management of Neuro-Otological Disorders Due to Migraine / Ronald J. Tusa. Ch. 14. Psychological Problems and the Dizzy Patient / Ronald J. Tusa -- Sect. IV. Rehabilitation Assessment and Management. Ch. 15. Physical Therapy Assessment of Vestibular Hypofunction / Susan L. Whitney and Susan J. Herdman. Ch. 16. Disability in Vestibular Disorders / Helen S. Cohen. Ch. 17. Treatment of Vestibular Hypofunction / Susan J. Herdman and Susan L. Whitney. Ch. 18. Assessment and Treatment of Complete Vestibular Loss / Susan J. Herdman and Richard A. Clendaniel. Ch. 19. Assessment and Treatment of Patients with Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo / Susan J. Herdman and Ronald J. Tusa. Ch. 20. Vestibular Rehabilitation of the Patient with Traumatic Brain Injury / Anne Shumway-Cook.
  • Ch. 21. Cervical Vertigo / Richard A. Clendaniel. Ch. 22. Management of the Elderly Person with Vestibular Dysfunction / Susan L. Whitney. Ch. 23. Treatment of Patients with Nonvestibular Dizziness and Disequilibrium / Neil Shepard and Annamarie Asher. Ch. 24. Evaluation and Treatment of Vestibular and Postural Control Deficits in Children / Rose Marie Rine. Ch. 25. Physical Therapy Diagnosis for Vestibular Disorders / Susan J. Herdman.
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