Corazón abierto, la senda del chaman = Open heart, the Shaman's path / Alicia Ahumada Salaiz ; prologo = prologue, Sara Sefchovich.

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Primera edición = First edition.
  • Pachuca, Hidalgo, México : Consejo Estatal para la Cultura y las Artes de Hidalgo, 2016.
  • ©2016
307 pages : illustrations (some color), portraits (some color) ; 29 cm


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  • "I started the journey along the path of the sha
  • "I started the journey along the path of the sha­mans in August 2005. For starters I looked in small communities in Hidalgo. To my surprise in every village there was a healer, two or even three of them. I went to their houses and knocked on the door. Some let me in and photograph them; others looked at me suspi ciously. Nevertheless, these experiences only increased my curiosity such that I later traveled to the Sierra Tarahumara in Chihuahua, Tieu! and Mayapan in Yucatan, Pisac and Pucallpa in Peru looking for the best health practices and knowledge. As I went deeper, I tried several of their healing techniques: I did pilgrimages, visited sanctuaries, par ticipated in veiling ceremonies, listened to masses and took offerings; I used cataplasms and, during long periods, drank infusions and potions made from fruit; I was devoted to Hunab Ku and had a spiritual operation; I ingested visionary plants and, along with some healers, I collected pharmacopoeia herbs, that are now dried in my workbooks. Also, my son Rodrigo and I traveled to the Peruvian jungle, where we had sha­manic diets and drank extracts of sacred plants. Photography-an unconditional accomplice-opened the doors for me. Initially, I did photographic pursuits with those healers who allowed me to, with mechanical cameras and black and white film rolls. In some rituals, I stood still in solemn moments or by the impediment of the visionary plants intake, so the expe­rience is all I have--Page 10.
  • "Chihuahua photographer Alicia Ahumada presented her book "Open Heart, The Path of the Shaman," and the exhibition "Traspasando la Muerta" (Photos for healing) at the National Museum of Anthropology (MNA). Ahumada's experiences in search of self-knowledge can be known through the volume and the sample consisting of almost 40 photographs that are displayed on the first floor of the museum, said the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH). In the publication co-edited by the Secretary of Culture and the Government of Hidalgo through the State Council for Culture and the Arts, the author affirms that this personal path has led her to change habits and attitudes. This has led to "a noble human life, not forgetting that all other species of the Earth are sacred, they are a source of wisdom and play a vital role for the survival of the planet""--English translation by from
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In Spanish and English.
lntroducción = Introduction -- Acompañando a Alicia = Accompanying Alicia / Sara Sefchovich -- San Fernando, Acaxochitlán, Hidalgo : Medicos tradicionales Leonor y Darío Vargas = Traditional physicians Leonor and Darío Vargas -- Kalpulli Ameyali Ameyaltonal. Signs of the Sacred = Senales sagradas / David Mazatl -- Semana santa en Norogachi, Chihuahua = Holy week in Norogachi, Chihuahua -- Benito y Adela Martínez -- Micaela Bautista Arteaga y Federico Aguirre Cruz -- Patricio Gutiérrez Luna -- Cusárare, Chihuahua -- Castro Batista -- Matiana de la cumbre de Cuchípachi = Matiana from the summit of Cuchípachi -- Eleuterio Mendoza Pascual Ruperto -- Diego Pech y Magaña -- Lilia y Florio -- Ayahuasca -- El curandero en mí = The healer in me / Ichiro Takahashi -- Mi experiencia con la dieta en la Amazonía peruana me marcó profundamente = My experience with the diet in the Peruvian Amazon marked me deeply / Juan Pablo Ruiz Carpio -- Diez días de dieta chamánica en la Amazonía peruana = Ten days of shamanic diet in the Peruvian Amazon / Raúl Ibáñez -- Alonso del Río -- Mi vínculo con Bernardo Kushala = My connection with Bernardo Kushala -- Sanación energética = Energetic healing / Bernardo Kushala Camarena -- De plantas y cuadernos = About plants and notebooks / Eric Reyes-Lamothe -- Traspasando la bruma -- Piercing the mist.
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Open heart, the Shaman's path
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