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Hypertension : a companion to Brenner and Rector's the kidney / [edited by] Suzanne Oparil, Michael A. Weber.

Philadelphia : Elsevier Mosby, c2005.
2nd ed.
xxv, 872 p. : ill. ; 29 cm.
Companion v. to Brenner & Rector's the kidney / edited by Barry M. Brenner. 7th ed. c2004.
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Includes bibliographical references and index.
Ch. 1. A history of hypertension treatment / Edward D. Freis -- Ch. 2. The national high blood pressure education program / Edward J. Roccella -- Ch. 3. Epidemiology of hypertension / Nathan D. Wong and Stanley S. Franklin -- Ch. 4. Pathophysiology of hypertension / Maria Carolina Delgado and Alan B. Weder -- Ch. 5. Blood pressure genetics / Stephen B. Harrap -- Ch. 6. The sympathetic nervous system in acute and chronic blood pressure elevation / Joseph L. Izzo, Jr. -- Ch. 7. Environmental and psychosocial stress in hypertension onset and progression / Kathleen C. Light -- Ch. 8. Renin / Timothy L. Reudelhuber -- Ch. 9. Angiotensin-converting enzymes : properties and function / Chris Tikellis and Colin J. Johnston -- Ch. 10. Angiotensin-(1-7) / Debra I. Diz, Mark C. Chappell, E. Ann Tallant and Carlos M. Ferrario -- Ch. 11. The angiotensin receptors : AT[subscript 1] and AT[subscript 2] / Helmy M. Siragy and Robert M. Carey -- Ch. 12. Aldosterone and mineralocorticoids / John W. Funder -- Ch. 13. The role of insulin resistance and compensatory hyperinsulinemia in patients with essential hypertension / Gerald M. Reaven -- Ch. 14. Remodeling of resistance arteries in hypertension / Ernesto L. Schiffrin and Hope Intengan -- Ch. 15. Clinical applications of arterial stiffness in hypertension / Roland Asmar -- Ch. 16. Endothelium in hypertension : nitric oxide / Lukas E. Spieker and Thomas F. Luscher -- Ch. 17. Endothelin in hypertension / John A. Schirger, Guido Boerrigter and John C. Burnett, Jr. -- Ch. 18. Natriuretic peptides / Vito M. Campese and Mitra K. Nadim -- Ch. 19. Vasodilator peptides : CGRP, substance P, and adrenomedullin / Ralph E. Watson, Donald J. DiPette, Scott C. Supowit, Khurshed A. Katki and Huawei Zhao -- Ch. 20. The Kallikrein-Kinin systems as a regulator of cardiovascular and renal function / Oscar A. Carretero, Xiao-Ping Yang and Nour-Eddine Rhaleb -- Ch. 21. The concept of total risk / William J. Elliott and Henry R. Black -- Ch. 22. New interpretations of blood pressure : the importance of pulse pressure / Stanley S. Franklin -- Ch. 23. Coronary atherosclerotic sequelae of hypertension / William B. Kannel -- Ch. 24. Left ventricular hypertrophy, congestive heart failure, and coronary flow reserve abnormalities in hypertension / Joseph A. Diamond and Robert A. Phillips -- Ch. 25. Renal protection in chronic kidney disease / Donna S. Hanes and Matthew R. Weir -- Ch. 26. Initial evaluation and follow-up assessment / Lawrence R. Krakoff -- Ch. 27. Prognostic and diagnostic value of ambulatory blood pressure monitoring / Gianfranco Parati, Grzegorz Bilo and Giuseppe Mancia -- Ch. 28. White-coat hypertension / George A. Mansoor and William B. White -- Ch. 29. The blood pressure lowering treatment trialists' collaboration (BPLTTC) / Fiona Turnbull and Jeffrey A. Cutler -- Ch. 30. The antihypertensive and lipid-lowering treatment to prevent heart attack trial (ALLHAT) / Jackson T. Wright, Jr. and Suzanne Oparil -- Ch. 31. The LIFE study / Bjorn Dahlof, Richard B. Devereux, Sverre E. Kjeldsen, Stevo Julius, D. G. Beevers, Ulf de Faire, Frej Fyhrquist, Hans Ibsen, Krister J. Kristianson, Ole Lederballe Pedersen, Lars H. Lindholm, Markku S. Nieminen, Per Omvik, Suzanne Oparil, Hans Wedel, Jonathan M. Edelman, Steven Snapinn, Katherine E. Harris and Gilbert W. Gleim -- Ch. 32. The VALUE trial / Stevo Julius, Sverre E. Kjeldsen, Hans Brunner, Steffan Enkman, John H. Laragh, Pelle Stolt, Gordon T. McInnes, Beverly A. Smith, Francis Plat, M. Anthony Schork, Michael A. Weber and Alberto Zanchetti -- Ch. 33. Main results from VALUE / Sverre E. Kjeldsen, Stevo Julius, Michael A. Weber and Pelle Stolt -- Ch. 34. Clinical outcome trials of hypertension with angiotensin receptor blockers / Shawna D. Nesbitt and Stevo Julius -- Ch. 35. ACE inhibitor trials : effects in hypertension / Irene Gavras and Haralambos Gavras -- Ch. 36. Critical assessment of hypertension guidelines / Gordon T. McInnes -- Ch. 37. Current prescribing practices / J. Jaime Caro and Krista A. Payne -- Ch. 38. Calcium channel blockers : controversies, lessons, and outcomes / Lionel H. Opie -- Ch. 39. Nursing clinics in the management of hypertension / Nancy Houston Miller and Martha N. Hill -- Ch. 40. Community outreach / Martha N. Hill, Lee R. Bone and David M. Levine -- Ch. 41. Medication adherence for antihypertensive therapy / Lars Osterberg and Peter Rudd -- Ch. 42. Diet : micronutrients / David A. McCarron and Molly E. Reusser -- Ch. 43. Dietary approaches to hypertension management : the DASH studies / Heather L. McGuire, William L. Fan and Laura P. Svetkey -- Ch. 44. Obesity and hypertension : impact on the cardiovascular and renal systems / John E. Hall, Daniel W. Jones, Jay J. Kuo, Alexandre A. da Silva, Jiankang Liu and Lakshmi S. Tallam -- Ch. 45. Alcohol and hypertension / Ian B. Puddey and Lawrence J. Beilin -- Ch. 46. Obesity in hypertension : the role of diet and drugs / Panagiotis Kokkoris and Xavier Pi-Sunyer -- Ch. 47. Exercise and hypertension / Garry L. R. Jennings -- Ch. 48. Initial choices in the treatment of hypertension / Myron H. Weinberger -- Ch. 49. Pharmacokinetics of antihypertensive drugs / Alexander M. M. Shepherd -- Ch. 50. Fixed combination antihypertensive therapy / Joel M. Neutel -- Ch. 51. Chronotherapeutics in the treatment of hypertension / Michael H. Smolensky, Ramon C. Hermida, Francesco Portaluppi, Erhard Haus and Alain Reinberg -- Ch. 52. Diabetes mellitus and the cardiovascular metabolic syndrome : reducing cardiovascular and renal events / Jay Lakkis and Matthew R. Weir -- Ch. 53. Hypertension in patients on renal replacement therapy / Todd W. B. Gehr and Domenic A. Sica -- Ch. 54. Ischemic heart disease in hypertension / George S. Chrysant and Suzanne Oparil -- Ch. 55. Hypertension in the elderly / Jan N. Basile and Renee P. Meyer -- Ch. 56. Management of hypertension in black populations / Ernest F. Johnson III and Jackson T. Wright, Jr. -- Ch. 57. Hypertension in pregnancy / Sandra J. Taler -- Ch. 58. Hypertension in children / Bonita Falkner -- Ch. 59. Resistant hypertension / David A. Calhoun -- Ch. 60. Orthostatic hypotension and autonomic dysfunction syndromes / Satish R. Raj and David Robertson -- Ch. 61. How antihypertensive drugs get approved in the United States / Robert R. Fenichel -- Ch. 62. Diuretics : mechanisms of action / Mark A. Knepper, Thomas R. Kleyman and Gerardo Gamba -- Ch. 63. [beta]-adrenergic blockers / William H. Frishman -- Ch. 64. [alpha]-adrenoceptor blockers / James L. Pool -- Ch. 65. Angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors / Domenic A. Sica and Todd W. B. Gehr -- Ch. 66. Calcium antagonists / L. Michael Prisant -- Ch. 67. Angiotensin II receptor antagonists / Michael C. Ruddy and John B. Kostis -- Ch. 68. Direct-acting smooth muscle vasodilators and adrenergic inhibitors / Edward D. Frohlich -- Ch. 69. Endothelin antagonists / Ernesto L. Schiffrin -- Ch. 70. Mineralocorticoid receptor antagonists / Ellen G. McMahon -- Ch. 71. Vasopeptidase inhibitors / Luis Miguel Ruilope -- Ch. 72. Renin inhibitors / Jurg Nussberger -- Ch. 73. Obstructive sleep apnea and hypertension / Apoor S. Gami and Virend K. Somers -- Ch. 74. Renovascular hypertension : diagnosis and treatment / Samuel Spitalewitz and Ira W. Reiser -- Ch. 75. Adrenal cortex hypertension / William F. Young, Jr. -- Ch. 76. Pheochromocytoma : detection and management / Marion R. Wofford and Daniel W. Jones -- Ch. 77. Anesthesia and hypertension / Scott T. Reeves and J. G. Reves -- Ch. 78. Management of hypertensive emergencies and urgencies / Donald G. Vidt -- Ch. 79. Aggressive blood pressure targets : developing effective algorithms / Myron H. Weinberger.
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