Pharmacology in anesthesia practice / [edited by] Anita Gupta, Nina Singh-Radcliff.

New York : Oxford University Press, 2013.
462 p. : ill. ; 21 cm.


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"In anesthesia practice and treatment, pharmacology and therapeutics are intimately related, synergistic, and mutually reinforcing. Rapid advances in pharmacotherapy often offer myriad treatment options for clinicians to sort through when developing patient management strategies. In turn, the principles of clinical therapeutics are rooted in fundamental pharmacology. Clinicians must understand pharmacologic principles in order to formulate and implement therapeutic algorithms that maximize patient benefit. Pharmacology in Anesthesia Practice provides clinicians with a rapid and easy review of the most commonly utilized pharmacologic agents during perioperative care. Clinical application is emphasized throughout. It aims to offer clinicians point-of-care guidance from internationally recognized authors and centers of excellence"--Provided by publisher.
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Machine generated contents note: -- Contributors<strong>1 Inhalational Agents</strong>1.1 Volatile Anesthetics Philip Gallegos, MD, Nina Singh-Radcliff, MD1.2 Nitrous OxidePhilip Gallegos, MD and Nina Singh-Radcliff, MD<strong>2 Induction Agents</strong>2.1 Induction AgentsEllen Wang, MD and Nina Singh-Radcliff, MD2.2 BarbituratesKatherine C. Normand, MD<strong>3 Pain Medications</strong>3.1 OpioidsThomas H. Scott and Jane C. Ballantyne3.2 Skeletal Muscle RelaxantsChitra Ramasubbu, MD, Anita Gupta DO, PharmD3.3 Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory DrugsMatthew Lesneski MD and Peter Yi MD3.4 AcetaminophenChitra Ramasubbu, MD and Anita Gupta DO, PharmD3.5 BenzodiazepinesEllen Wang, MD<strong>4 Muscle Relaxants</strong>4.1 Nondepolarizing Neuromuscular BlockersJared Feinman, MD and Nina Singh-Radcliff, MD 4.2 SuccinylcholineJared Feinman, MD and Nina Singh-Radcliff, MD<strong>5 Anticholinergics and Anticholinesterases</strong>5.1 AnticholinesterasesDevin Tang, MD and Anita Gupta, DO PharmD5.2 Anticholinergics Anita Gupta DO, PharmD, Amna Mehdi, BS6 Vasopressors and InotropesPriscilla Nelson, MD, Jonas A. Nelson, MD, and Nina Singh-Radcliff, MD<strong>7 Anti-Hypertensives</strong>7.1 Beta BlockersAnita Gupta DO, PharmD, and Amna Mehdi, BS7.2 AntihypertensivesOnyi Onuoha, MD and Nina Singh-Radcliff, MD8 Local AnestheticsNina Singh-Radcliff, MD9 AntiemeticsAlissa Wilmot, MD and Sander Schlichter, MD10 Gastric MedicationsShanique Brown, MD, and Nina Singh-Radcliff, MD<strong>11 Anti-Inflammatory</strong>11.1 SteroidsLisa Witkin, MD, Anita Gupta, DO, PharmD11.2 AntihistaminesMona Patel, MD, and Anita Gupta, DO, PharmD12 Antagonists -- Narcotic ReversalGaurav Bhatia, MD, and Anita Gupta, DO, PharmD<strong>13 Hematologic Agents</strong>13.1 DipyridamoleElizabeth Duggan, MD13.2 Adenosine Diphosphate InhibitorsMichael J. Duggan, MD, Elizabeth W. Duggan, and Jiri Horak, MD13.3 Low Molecular Weight Heparin (LMWH)Elizabeth Duggan, MD, Michael Duggan, MD, and Maurizio Cereda, MD13.4 Miscellaneous AnticoagulantsMichael J. Duggan, MD, Elizabeth W. Duggan, and Jiri Horak, MD13.5 Streptokinase and Tissue Plasminogen Activator (tPA)Elizabeth Duggan, MD and Michael Duggan, MD13.6 Heparin and ArgatrobanCrystal C. Wright, MD13.7 ProcoagulantsPeter Killoran, MD, and Katherine Normand, MD<strong>14 Obstetrics</strong>14.1 Prostaglandins (carboprost, misoprostol, alprostadil)Cristianna Vallera, MD14.2 Ergots (Methylergonovine Maleate)Emily Baird, MD14.3 Oxytocin (Pitocin) Emily Baird, MD14.4 MagnesiumRobert Gaiser, MD14.5 Beta 2 Adrenergic Agonist (Terbutaline)Robert Gaiser, MD 15 Antiepileptic DrugsEmily E. Peoples, M.D.16 Bronchodilators Anita Gupta DO, PharmD, and Amna Mehdi, BS<strong>17 IV Fluids</strong>17.1 CrystalloidsKatherine Chuy, MD, and Nina Singh-Radcliff, MD17.2 ColloidsKatherine Chuy, MD, and Nina Singh-Radcliff, MD17.3 Transfusion ProductsNina Singh Radcliff, MD<strong>18 Electrolytes</strong>18.1 Sodium/Potassium/Calcium/PhosphateYianni Augoustides and Tygh Wyckoff18.2 Sodium bicarbonateNina Singh-Radcliff, MD19 Diuretics<strong>20 Anti-arrhythmics</strong>20.1 Anti-arrhythmicsGaurav Malhotra, MD20.2 InsulinElizabeth Valentine, MD and Nina Singh-Radcliff, MD<strong>21 Mood</strong>21.2 Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitors (MAOIs)Gregory Moy, MD and Nabil Elkassabany, MD21.2 Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRIs)Gregory Moy, MD and Nabil Elkassabany, MD21.3 Tricyclic Antidepressants (TCAs)Gregory Moy, MD, and Nabil Elkassabany, MD21.4 AntipsychoticsGregory Moy, MD, and Nabil Elkassabany, MD21.5 LithiumGregory Moy, MD and Nabil Elkassabany, MD<strong>22 Antibiotics</strong>22.1 AntibioticsNina Singh-Radcliff MD and Kris E. Radcliff, MD22.2 Antiviral DrugsMeghan Lane-Fall, MD and Todd Miano, PharmD, BCPS23 Statins: HMG-CoA Reductase Inhibitors Jason Choi, MD, and John G. Augoustides, MD24 Vitamins/HerbalsEllen Wang, MD<strong>25 Illicit Substances</strong>25.1 CocaineNabil Elkassabany, MD25.2 Drugs of AbuseWilliam Gao and Nabil Elkassabany<strong>26 Other Key Drugs</strong>26.1 1-deamino-8-D-arginine vasopressin (DDAVP)Jesse Raiten, MD26.2 CarbidopaShannon Bianchi, MD and Nina Singh-Radcliff, MD26.3 DoxapramShannon Bianchi, MD26.4 CaffeineShannon Bianchi, MD26.5 Nitric oxideJesse Raiten, MD26.6 DexmedetomidineShannon Bianchi, MD26.7 AcetylcysteineShannon Bianchi, MD26.8 Adriamycin (Doxorubicin)Matt N. Decker and Nina Singh-Radcliff, MD26.9 SugammedexMark Decker, MD, and Nina Singh-Radcliff, MD26.10 Thyroid MedicationsMona Patel, MD, Anita Gupta, DO, PharmD.
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