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Women and prenatal testing : facing the challenges of genetic technology / edited by Karen H. Rothenberg and Elizabeth J. Thomson.

Columbus : Ohio State University Press, 1994.
xviii, 304 p. ; 24 cm.
Summary note:
  • For pregnant women in the 1990s, technological developments have ushered in new and expanding reproductive genetic testing options. Some herald these procedures as advances providing women with previously unavailable information about their pregnancies.
  • Others contend that with this surge of information come increasing and perhaps unwarranted obligations: while some women have greater knowledge about their pregnancies, they also face far more complex decisions and a greater pressure to do as much as is technologically possible to ensure the birth of a healthy child.
  • This book focuses on the major women's issues surrounding the development and application of reproductive genetic testing. Although much has been written about the biological safety and efficacy of these technologies, few publications have addressed their psychological, sociocultural, ethical, legal, and political impact on women and their experience of pregnancy.
  • The first of three sections provides the contextual framework in which the debate should be analyzed. The second section sets forth the philosophical foundations and complex ethical and legal questions that need to be addressed, and the final section delineates a variety of perspectives on the psychological and sociocultural issues raised by reproductive genetic testing.
  • These fourteen essays on the cutting edge of the debate are essential reading for anyone interested in women's studies, human genetics, health law; and bioethics and prenatal care providers.
Spine title: Women & prenatal testing.
Bibliographic references:
Includes bibliographical references.
  • Introduction: Women and Prenatal Testing: An Introduction to the Issues / Karen H. Rothenberg and Elizabeth J. Thomson -- 1. The Genetic Construction of Prenatal Testing: Choice, Consent, or Conformity for Women? / Abby Lippman -- 2. Women's Roles in the History of Amniocentesis and Chorionic Villi Sampling / Ruth Schwartz Cowan -- 3. Prenatal Screening and Diagnosis: The Impact on Persons with Disabilities / Deborah Kaplan -- 4. Reproductive Genetics and Gender Justice / Mary B. Mahowald -- 5. Reproductive Genetic Testing, Prevention, and the Ethics of Mothering / Ruth Faden -- 6. Ethics and Reproductive Genetic Testing: The Need to Understand the Parent-Child Relationship / Patricia A. King -- 7. "The Good Mother": The Limits of Reproductive Accountability and Genetic Choice / R. Alta Charo and Karen H. Rothenberg -- 8. What the Law Says about Reproductive Genetic Testing and What It Doesn't / Ellen Wright Clayton -- 9. Prenatal Genetic Testing: Does It Benefit Pregnant Women? / Elena A. Gates.
  • 10. Collective Silences, Collective Fictions: How Prenatal Diagnostic Testing Became Part of Routine Prenatal Care / Nancy Anne Press and Carole H. Browner -- 11. Women's Responses to Prenatal Diagnosis: A Sociocultural Perspective on Diversity / Rayna Rapp -- 12. Reproductive Genetic Services for Low-Income Women and Women of Color: Access and Sociocultural Issues / Laurie Nsiah-Jefferson -- 13. The Tentative Pregnancy: Then and Now / Barbara Katz Rothman -- 14. Reproductive Genetic Testing and Pregnancy Loss: The Experience of Women / Rita Beck Black.
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Women & prenatal testing.
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