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Pharmacology and ototoxicity for audiologists / [edited by] Kathleen C.M. Campbell.

Clifton Park, NY : Thomson/Delmar Learning, c2007.
xxiii, 416 p. : ill. (some col.) ; 25 cm.
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Includes bibliographical references and index.
Ch. 1. An introduction to pharmacology / Michael Meldrum -- Ch. 2. Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics / Jose A. Rey -- Ch. 3. Pharmacotherapeutics and patient factors / Tabitha Parent Buck, Henry P. Trahan and O. T. Wendel -- Ch. 4. Role of food and drug administration in drug development / Venkatesh Atul Bhattaram, Rajanikanth Madabushi and Hartmut Derendorf -- Ch. 5. Common classes of drugs used in otolaryngologic practice / Amir Rafii and Karen Doyle -- Ch. 6. Nutraceuticals and herbal supplements / Michael D. Seidman and Marie Moneysmith -- Ch. 7. Mechanisms of toxicity in the cochlea (including physical, free radical : oxidative and anti-oxidative mechanisms, protein interactions, and defense mechanisms) / Jing Wang, Jean-Luc Puel and Richard Bobbin -- Ch. 8. Biochemical bases of hearing / Sandra L. McFadden -- Ch. 9. Infection control in the audiology clinic / A. U. Bankaitis and Robert J. Kemp -- Ch. 10. Cancer and ototoxicity of chemotherapeutics / Leonard P. Rybak -- Ch. 11. Aminoglycoside antibiotics / Jochen Schacht -- Ch. 12. Renal function and ototoxicity of loop diuretics / Leonard P. Rybak -- Ch. 13. Other ototoxins : aspirin and other nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, quinine, and macrolides / Brenda L. Lonsbury-Martin and Glen K. Martin -- Ch. 14. Industrial chemicals and solvents affecting the auditory system / Benoit Pouyatos and Laurence D. Fechter -- Ch. 15. Cellular mechanisms of noise-induced hearing loss / Donald Henderson, Bohua Hu, Eric Bielefeld and Thomas Nicotera -- Ch. 16. Audiologic monitoring for ototoxicity and patient management / Stephen A. Fausti, Wendy J. Helt, Jane S. Gordon, Kelly M. Reavis, David S. Phillips and Dawn L. Konrad-Martin -- Ch. 17. Vestibular ototoxicity / F. Owen Black and Susan Pesznecker -- Ch. 18. Audiologic findings in vestibular toxicity / Jaynee A. Handelsman -- Ch. 19. Otoprotective agents / Kathleen C. M. Campbell and Leonard P. Rybak -- Ch. 20. Regeneration of hair cells / Brenda M. Ryals, Jonathan I. Matsui and Douglas A. Cotanche -- Ch. 21. From pharmacology to function : using drugs as tools to dissect the cochlea / Sharon G. Kujawa and William F. Sewell -- Ch. 22. Staying current : Web sites and resources for pharmaceutical information / Robert M. DiSogra.
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