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Integrative gastroenterology / [edited by] Gerard E. Mullin.

New York : Oxford University Press, c2011.
xxi, 688 p. ; 25 cm.
Weil integrative medicine library. [More in this series]
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Includes bibliographical references and index.
Why integrative gastroenterology? / Gerard E. Mullin -- The American digestive disease epidemic / Gerard E. Mullin -- An overview of digestive, sensing, and immune functions of the gut / Patrick J. Hanaway, Laura K. Turnbull, and Gerard E. Mullin -- The intestinal microbiota in health and disease : bystanders, guardians, or villains? / Fergus Shanahan -- Alternative laboratory testing for gastrointestinal disease / David M. Brady ... [et al.] -- New molecular techniques revolutionize understanding of the influence of gut microbiota on health and disease / J. Alexander Bralley -- Principles of integrative gastroenterology : systemic signs of underlying digestive dysfunction and disease / Laura K. Turnbull, Gerard E. Mullin, and Leonard B. Weinstock -- The skin and the gastrointestinal tract / Andrew G. Franks, Jr. -- Premenstrual and menstrual exacerbation of IBS : an integrative medicine analysis of the bi-irectional connection between female hormones and gut health / Joel M. Evans -- Fibromyalgia and gastrointestinal disorders / David M. Brady and Michael J. Schneider --Acupuncture for digestive system / Sanghoon Lee and Ta-Ya Lee -- Ayurveda and digestive health / David Simon and Valencia Porter -- Osteopathic medicine / Diane Clawson --Gastroenterology and an integrative chiropractic approach / Loren Marks and David M. Durkin -- Energy medicine and gastrointestinal disorders / Ann Marie Chiasson --Guided imagery and gastroenterology / Martin L. Rossman -- Hypnosis and gastrointestinal disorders / Anastasia Rowland-Seymour --homeopathy origins and therapeutic principles / Savely Yurkovsky -- Massage for digestive health / Stephanie Porcaro and Gerard E. Mullin --Mindfulness based stress reduction for health and diseases / Padmini D. Ranasinghe -- Naturopathic medicine and digestion / Joseph Pizzorno -- Taiji, qigong, and digestive health / Yang Yang and Bob Schlagal -- Digestive health and reiki energy / Beth Nolan -- Self-care journaling for digestive health / Danna M. Park --Spirituality / Frederic C. Craigie, Jr. -- What patients want from their doctors / Donna Jackson Nakazawa --The value of support groups / Pearl L. Lewis and Gerard E. Mullin, with a foreword by Bernie Siegel -- Overview of visceral manipulation for the integrative gastroenterologist / Jean-Pierre Barral and Gail Wetzler -- Probiotics in the prevention and treatment of gastrointestinal disease / Gerald Friedman --The role of nutritional genomics and functional medicine in the management of Crohn's disease / Sheila G. Dean and Kathie M. Swift -- Functional foods for digestive health and disease / Elizabeth Lipski -- The role of herbal medicine in integrative gastroenterology / Tieraona Low Dog -- Brief review of mind-body medicine in gastroenterology practice / Miranda A.L. van Tilburg, Stephan R. Weinland, and Olafur S. Palsson -- Yoga and digestive health / Sajida Chaudry and Beth Nolan --Integrative approaches to abdominal pain / Robert A. Bonakdar and Emily G. Singh -- Over-the-counter remedies for digestive health : potion or poison? / Jerry Hicky and Gerard E. Mullin -- Systemic interactions between dental and gastroenterological diseases / Philip E. Memoli --Upper gastrointestinal disorders : dyspepsia, heartburn, peptic ulcer disease, and Helicobacter pylori / Anil Minocha -- Celiac disease / S. Devi Rampertab and Peter H.R. Green --Food reactions and their implications in the irritable bowel syndrome / Trent W. Nichols, Gerard E. Mullin, and Laura K. Turnbull -- An evidence-ased review of complementary and integrative approaches for irritable bowel syndrome / Octavia Pickett-Blakely, Ashwini S. Davison, and Gerard E. Mullin --Nutrition strategies for the treatment of IBS and the prevention of digestive complaints / Ashley Koff -- Alternative approaches to the patient with inflammatory bowel disease / Leo Galland, Katarzyna Kines, and Gerard E. Mullin -- Obesity / Lawrence J. Cheskin and Katrina Seidman --Nutrition and colorectal health / Mitra Rangarajan and Gerard E. Mullin -- Liver disease / Matthew Cave ... [et al.] -- Integrative approaches to diseases of the pancreas and gallbladder / Vinay Chandrasekhara and Anthony N. Kalloo -- An integrative approach to gender-pecific digestive health issues / Laura K. Turnbull, Gerard E. Mullin, and Sharon Dudley-Brown -- Gastrointestinal disorders and eating disorders / Carolyn Coker Ross --Ethical issues in integrative gastroenterology / Julie Stone -- There is no alternative to evidence / Ronald L. Koretz.
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