A book of Psalms from eleventh-century Byzantium : the complex of texts and images in Vat. Gr. 752 / edited by Barbara Crostini & Glenn Peers.

Ars Edendi Workshop (2012 : Rome, Italy) [Browse]
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Città del Vaticano : Biblioteca apostolica vaticana, 2016.
626 pages : illustrations, color facsimiles ; 26 cm.


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Consists primarily of papers read at a workshop held in Rome on June 11-13, 2012; the workshop was organized by the Ars Edendi Project of Stockholm University.
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Includes bibliographical references and indexes.
15 contributions in English and 4 in Italian.
Preface: Sweden and the Vatican Library / Cesare Pasini -- Il Vat. Gr. 752: fattura materiale, scrittura, mise en page (con qualche osservazione sul Salterio Hierosol. S. Sepulcri 53 / Francesco D'Aiuto -- Il "poema" di introduzione del Salterio Vat. Gr. 752 / Augusta Acconcia Longo -- Codex Vat. Gr. 752: some remarks about its pictorial programme and its historical context / Dirk Krausmüller -- The so-called Schism of 1054 and its impact on Byzantine society / Christian Gastgeber -- Cum Davidi versari: the Psalter as acquired self-expression / Erik Varden, OCSO -- David and Christ sing the Psalms: the Psalter as prophecy and liturgy / Susan Gillingham -- The catena of Vat. Gr. 752 (with an appendix on Giovanni Mercati's unpublished notes on the MS) / Reinhart Ceulemans -- How many authors? Hesychius on the Psalms / Sever J. Voicu -- Hesychius of Jerusalem's Prologue to the Psalms revisited in the light of Vat. Gr. 752 and its illustrative program / Barbara Crostini with Mariachiara Fincati -- Note sulla tecnica redazionale dei commenti scoliastici di Esichio di Gerusalemme / Maria Antonietta Barbàra -- Il Commentarius in Leviticum di Esichio di Gerusalemme / Stefano Tampellini -- The Greek fragment of the Commentary on Leviticus by Hesychius of Jerusalem / Tomás Fernández -- Process and meaning: penitence, prayer and pedagogy in Vat. Gr. 752 / Glenn Peers -- Make music with understanding: music, musicians and choristers in the miniatures of Vat. Gr. 752 / Maja Kominko -- The limits of visual polemicism in Vat. Gr. 752 / Cecily J. Hilsdale -- Urban topographies: representing space in Vat. Gr. 752 / Mati Meyer -- Vat. Gr. 752 and Vat. Gr. 1927: related manuscripts? / Nicolette S. Trahoulia -- Meditation, translation, the liturgy, and the medieval illustrated Psalter in the West / Diane Reilly -- Afterword / Timothy Janz.
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