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Ratings, rating agencies and the global financial system / edited by Richard M. Levich, Giovanni Majnoni, Carmen M. Reinhart.

Boston : Kluwer Academic Publishers, c2002.
x, 379 p. : ill. ; 25 cm.
  • New York University Salomon Center series on financial markets and institutions ; v. 8 [i.e. v. 9]. [More in this series]
  • New York University Salomon Center series on financial markets and institutions ; v. 8 [i.e. v. 9]
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Includes bibliographical references and indexes.
  • Introduction: "Ratings, Rating Agencies and the Global Financial System: Summary and Policy Implications" / Richard M. Levich, Giovanni Majnoni and Carmen M. Reinhart -- Pt. I. History, Value and Industrial Structure of Credit Rating and Reporting Agencies. 1. A Historical Primer on the Business of Credit Rating / Richard Sylla. 2. The Credit Rating Industry: An Industrial Organization Analysis / Lawrence J. White. 3. The Paradox of Credit Ratings / Frank Partnoy -- Discussant / Martin Fridson -- Discussant / Mark Flannery -- Pt. II. Empirical Evidence on Credit Rating Agencies: Pricing and Regulatory Aspects. 4. The Role of Credit Ratings in Bank Capital / Edward I. Altman and Anthony Saunders. 5. A Guide to Choosing Absolute Bank Capital Requirements / Mark Carey. 6. Credit Ratings and the Japanese Corporate Bond Market / Frank Packer.
  • 7. How Good is the Market at Assessing Bank Fragility? A Horse Race Between Different Indicators / Paola Bongini, Luc Laeven and Giovanni Majnoni. 8. Rating Banks in Emerging Markets: What Credit Rating Agencies Should Learn from Financial Indicators / Liliana Rojas-Suarez -- Discussant / Richard J. Herring -- Discussant / Larry D. Wall -- Discussant / Linda Allen -- Pt. III. Empirical Evidence on Credit Ratings Agency's Performance: Macroeconomic Aspects. 9. Rating Agencies and Financial Markets / Graciela Kaminsky and Sergio Schmukler. 10. Sovereign Credit Ratings Before and After Financial Crises / Carmen M. Reinhart. 11. Equity Risk Premiums / Aswath Damodaran -- Pt. IV. Policy Issues Facing Regulators and Credit Rating Agencies. 12. Rating Agencies: Is There an Agency Issue? / Roy C. Smith and Ingo Walter. 13. Do Banks Provision for Bad Loans in Good Times? Empirical Evidence and Policy Implications / Michele Cavallo and Giovanni Majnoni.
  • 14. Policy Issues Facing Rating Agencies / Jerome S. Fons. 15. Credit Risk and Financial Instability / Richard J. Herring.
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