Son / Neil Sonnekus.

Sonnekus, Neil [Browse]
Auckland Park (Johannesburg, South Africa) : MFBooks Joburg, 2017.
278 pages ; 24 cm


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Len and his father, Son, couldn't be more different. If Len is a recently divorced man of 42 who just wants sex, then his old man is a World War Two veteran in his late 80s, who is impossible. Len is a decadent subeditor at a South African newspaper, the old man is an old-school puritan. They have nothing in common, except that they're both storytellers. Len thinks he's heard all the stories before, but then one day - hungover as usual - he decides to tease a narrative out of the old man. He wants to see if there is more to the endlessly repetitive good-time stories. And slowly the old man starts revealing how just one small, shocking incident actually affected him (and his family) for the rest of his days. The horror of a past war is brought to a head in a country where 50 people - whether children, women or the aged - are murdered not a year, month or week, but a day.
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  • Cover; Half title; Copyright; The Usual Department; On Time; A, Like, Cool Night; On Youth; Bring on the SFX; On Fathers; Sex and the Metropole; On Hunting; Food for Africa; On Loss; The Leafy Suburbs; On Dreams; Yuppie Pleads Exhaustion; On Luck; Septimana Irritabilis; On Captivity; A Jog Sans Dog; On Principle; These Sporting Days; On Living; Flirting with the Foe; On Freedom; The Priorities of Power; On Caring; A Mounting Need; On Sight; My Fullest Attention; On Falling; The Couch Lothario; On Beauty; The Grape Escape; On Parole; A Small, Wet Place; On Ageing; Interpenetration; On God
  • Going BushOn Cars; Beware: Sociologist; On Decay; Shortish Holiday; On Funerals; Chickens Come Home; On Rage; Symptoms of Morbidity; On Edge; Late Spring; On Death; Dog Guards Master's Corpse; On Farewell; Cover
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