Breaking the code of change / edited by Michael Beer, Nitin Nohria.

Boston, Mass. : Harvard Business School Press, c2000.
xv, 507 p. : ill. ; 24 cm.


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Papers from a Summer 1998 conference organized by the editors and held at the Harvard Business School.
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Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • Introduction: Resolving the Tension between Theories E and O of Change / Michael Beer and Nitin Nohria -- Sect. I. Purpose of Change: Economic Value or Organizational Capability? 1. Value Maximization and the Corporate Objective Function / Michael C. Jensen. 2. The Puzzles and Paradoxes of How Living Companies Create Wealth: Why Single-Valued Objective Functions Are Not Quite Enough / Peter M. Senge. 3. The Purpose of Change, A Commentary on Jensen and Senge / Joseph L. Bower -- Sect. II. Leadership of Change: Directed from the Top or High-Involvement and Participative? 4. Effective Change Begins at the Top / Jay A. Conger. 5. Leadership of Change / Warren Bennis. 6. Embracing Paradox: Top-Down versus Participative Management of Organizational Change, A Commentary on Conger and Bennis / Dexter Dunphy -- Sect. III. Focus of Change: Formal Structure and Systems or Culture? 7. The Role of Formal Structures and Processes / Jay R. Galbraith.
  • 8. Changing Structure Is Not Enough: The Moral Meaning of Organizational Design / Larry Hirschhorn. 9. Initiating Change: The Anatomy of Structure as a Starting Point, A Commentary on Galbraith and Hirschhorn / Allan R. Cohen -- Sect. IV. Planning of Change: Planned or Emergent? 10. Rebuilding Behavioral Context: A Blueprint for Corporate Renewal / Sumantra Ghoshal and Christopher A. Bartlett. 11. Emergent Change as a Universal in Organizations / Karl E. Weick. 12. Linking Change Processes to Outcomes, A Commentary on Ghoshal, Bartlett, and Weick / Andrew M. Pettigrew -- Sect. V. Motivation for Change: Do Financial Incentives Lead, or Do They Lag and Support? 13. Compensation, Incentives, and Organizational Change: Ideas and Evidence from Theory and Practice / Karen Hopper Wruck. 14. Compensation: A Troublesome Lead System in Organizational Change / Gerald E. Ledford, Jr. and Robert L. Heneman.
  • 15. Pay System Change: Lag, Lead, or Both? A Commentary on Wruck, Ledford, and Heneman / Edward E. Lawler III -- Sect. VI. Consultants' Role in Change: Large and Knowledge-Driven or Small and Process-Driven? 16. Human Performance That Increases Business Performance: The Growth of Change Management and Its Role in Creating New Forms of Business Value / Terry Neill and Craig Mindrum. 17. Rapid-Cycle Successes versus the Titanics: Ensuring That Consulting Produces Benefits / Robert H. Schaffer. 18. Accelerated Organizational Transformation: Balancing Scope and Involvement, A Commentary on Neill, Mindrum, and Schaffer / Robert H. Miles -- Sect. VII. Research on Change: Normal Science or Action Science? 19. Professional Science for a Professional School: Action Science and Normal Science / Andrew H. Van de Ven. 20. The Relevance of Actionable Knowledge for Breaking the Code / Chris Argyris.
  • 21. Research That Will Break the Code of Change: The Role of Useful Normal Science and Usable Action Science, A Commentary on Van de Ven and Argyris / Michael Beer -- Ending and Beginning. 22. Breaking the Code of Change: Observations and Critique / Roger Martin -- Epilogue / Michael Beer and Nitin Nobria.
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