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The SMS Blackwell handbook of organizational capabilities : emergence, development, and change / edited by Constance E. Helfat.

Malden, MA : Blackwell Pub., 2003.
x, 438 p. : ill. ; 26 cm.
Strategic Management Society book series. [More in this series]
"This book grew out of a conference on the Evolution of firm capabilities, held in September 1999 at the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College"--Ackn.
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Includes bibliographical references and index.
1. Stylized Facts Regarding the Evolution of Organizational Resources and Capabilities / Constance E. Helfat -- 2. Dominance by Birthright: Entry of Prior Radio Producers and Competitive Ramifications in the US Television Receiver Industry / Steven Klepper and Kenneth L. Simons -- 3. The Nature, Sources, and Consequences of Firm Differences in the Early History of the Semiconductor Industry / Daniel Holbrook, Wesley M. Cohen, David A. Hounshell and Steven Klepper -- 4. Superstores and the Evolution of Firm Capabilities in American Bookselling / Daniel M. G. Raff -- 5. Commentary on Chapters by Klepper and Simons, by Holbrook et al., and by Raff / Keith Pavitt -- 6. Imprinting and the Evolution of Firm Capabilities / Daniel A. Levinthal -- 7. Imprinting or Emergence, Structure or Rules, or Why Dirty Dancing Is Always Better When You Are More Than Two / Bruce Kogut -- 8. Strategic Capabilities in Emerging Fields: Navigating Ambiguity, Leveraging Social Capital, and Creating Identity in Silicon Alley / Theresa K. Lant -- 9. Why Do Firms Tend to Become Different? / Birger Wernerfelt -- 10. Firm Capabilities and Competition and Industrial Policies in a "History Friendly" Model of the Evolution of the Computer Industry / Franco Malerba, Richard Nelson, Luigi Orsenigo and Sidney G. Winter -- 11. Problem-solving Behaviors, Organizational Forms, and the Complexity of Tasks / Giovanni Dosi, Mike Hobday and Luigi Marengo -- 12. Product Sequencing: Co-evolution of Knowledge, Capabilities, and Products / Constance E. Helfat and Ruth S. Raubitschek -- 13. Path-dependent and Path-breaking Change: Reconfiguring Business Resources Following Acquisitions in the US Medical Sector, 1978-1995 / Samina Karim and Will Mitchell -- 14. Commentary on Karim-Mitchell and Helfat-Raubitschek Chapters / James Brian Quinn -- 15. The Relational Organization: From Relational Rents to Alliance Capability / Harbir Singh -- 16. Innovative Routines in Large Firms: What the Evidence Suggests / Keith Pavitt -- 17. The Evolutionary Roots of Resource-based Theory / Jay B. Barney -- 18. The Satisficing Principle in Capability Learning / Sidney G. Winter -- 19. Untangling the Origins of Competitive Advantage / Iain M. Cockburn, Rebecca M. Henderson and Scott Stern -- 20. Strategy and Circumstance: The Response of American Firms to Japanese Competition in Semiconductors, 1980-1995 / Richard N. Langlois and W. Edward Steinmueller -- 21. Dynamic Capabilities: What Are They? / Kathleen M. Eisenhardt and Jeffrey A. Martin -- 22. Leadership, Capabilities, and Technological Change: The Transformation of NCR in the Electronic Era / Richard S. Rosenbloom -- 23. Capabilities, Cognition, and Inertia: Evidence from Digital Imaging / Mary Tripsas and Giovanni Gavetti -- 24. Leadership and Cognition: Or, What Could Those Folks at the Top Have Been Thinking? Commentary on Chapters by Rosenbloom and Tripsas and Gavetti / Steven W. Usselman -- 25. Toward Developing an Organizational Capability of Learning from Mistakes / Sydney Finkelstein -- 26. Resources, Capabilities, Core Competencies, Invisible Assets, and Knowledge Assets: Label Proliferation and Theory Development in the Field of Strategic Management / Jay B. Barney.
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Handbook of organizational capabilities
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