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Examining lives in context : perspectives on the ecology of human development / edited by Phyllis Moen, Glen H. Elder, Jr., Kurt Lüscher ; with the assistance of Heather E. Quick.

Washington, DC : American Psychological Association, 1995.
xx, 708 p. ; 24 cm.
Summary note:
  • This groundbreaking book extends the work of Urie Bronfenbrenner whom Melvin Kohn described as "the quintessential person for spurring psychologists to...realize that interpersonal relationships are embedded in the larger social structures of community, society, economics, and politics.".
  • In Examining Lives in Context, over two dozen distinguished scholars show how Bronfenbrenner's ecological theory and research led them to focus their own work on problems crucial to "real life" - the complex, rapidly changing world that challenges researchers to design inquiries in often dramatic new ways.
  • By taking into account the importance of time, place, process, and life course, the interdisciplinary contributors to this volume forge a new path in previously uncharted territory in human development.
Bibliographic references:
Includes bibliographical references and indexes.
  • Preface / Phyllis Moen, Glen H. Elder, Jr. and Kurt Luscher -- About Urie -- 1. Introduction / Phyllis Moen -- 2. Individual Development: A Holistic, Integrated Model / David Magnusson -- 3. Understanding Individual Differences in Environmental-Risk Exposure / Michael Rutter, Lorna Champion, David Quinton, Barbara Maughan and Andrew Pickles -- 4. The Life Course Paradigm: Social Change and Individual Development / Glen H. Elder, Jr. -- 5. Social Structure and Personality Through Time and Space / Melvin L. Kohn -- 6. Linked Lives: A Transgenerational Approach to Resilience / Phyllis Moen and Mary Ann Erickson -- 7. Taking Time Seriously: Social Change, Social Structure, and Human Lives / Duane F. Alwin -- 8. Differentiating Among Social Contexts: By Spatial Features, Forms of Participation and Social Contracts / Jacqueline J. Goodnow -- 9. A Bioecological Model of Intellectual Development / Stephen I. Ceci and Helene A. Hembrooke --
  • 10. The Two Sexes and Their Social Systems / Eleanor E. Maccoby -- 11. Gender, Contexts, and Turning Points in Adults' Lives / John A. Clausen -- 12. Social Ecology Over Time and Space / Robert B. Cairns and Beverley D. Cairns -- 13. Authoritative Parenting and Adolescent Adjustment: An Ecological Journey / Laurence Steinberg, Nancy E. Darling, Anne C. Fletcher, B. Bradford Brown and Sanford M. Dornbusch -- 14. Children in Families in Communities: Risk and Intervention in the Bronfenbrenner Tradition / Jeanne Brooks-Gunn -- 15. Jobless Ghettos and the Social Outcome of Youngsters / William Julius Wilson -- 16. Expanding the Ecology of Human Development: An Evolutionary Perspective / Jay Belsky -- 17. Homo Interpretans: On the Relevance of Perspectives, Knowledge, and Beliefs in the Ecology of Human Development / Kurt Luscher -- 18. The Bioecological Model From a Life Course Perspective: Reflections of a Participant Observer / Urie Bronfenbrenner --
  • 19. Developmental Ecology Through Space and Time: A Future Perspective / Urie Bronfenbrenner -- Appendix: The Published Writings of Urie Bronfenbrenner / Kurt Luscher and Gerri Jones.
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