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Handbook of marketing and society / by Paul N. Bloom and Gregory T. Gundlach.

Bloom, Paul N. [Browse]
Thousand Oaks, Calif. : Sage Publications, c2000.
xxii, 543 p. : ill. ; 26 cm.
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Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • Foreword / William L. Wilkie -- Introduction / Paul N. Bloom and Gregory T. Gundlach -- 1. The Use of Marketing Knowledge in Formulating and Enforcing Consumer Protection Policy / J. Craig Andrews -- 2. Marketing and Modern Antitrust Thought / Gregory T. Gundlach -- 3. Criteria for Assessing the Public Policy Relevance of Research on the Effects of Marketing Communications / Paul N. Bloom, Julie Edell and Richard Staelin -- 4. Intersector Transfer of Marketing Knowledge / Alan R. Andreasen -- 5. Firm Responses to Consumer Information Policy / Christine Moorman -- 6. How Corporate Marketing Practices Have Changed in Response to Antitrust Enforcement / Mary Jane Sheffet -- 7. Changes in Corporate Practices in Response to Public Interest Advocacy and Actions: The Role of Consumer Boycotts and Socially Responsible Consumption in Promoting Corporate Social Responsibility / N. Craig Smith -- 8. Corporate Societal Marketing / Minette E. Drumwright and Patrick E. Murphy --
  • 9. Advertising and Competition / Andrew V. Abela and Paul W. Farris -- 10. The Socioeconomic Consequences of Franchise Distribution: A Policy Retrospective / Patrick J. Kaufmann -- 11. Pricing Strategy, Competition, and Consumer Welfare / Joseph P. Guiltinan and Alan G. Sawyer -- 12. Marketing and Development: Macromarketing Perspectives / Thomas A. Klein and Robert W. Nason -- 13. Corporate Marketing Effects on Consumer Welfare: Short-Term Benefits but Long-Term Costs? / Michael R. Hagerty -- 14. The Effectiveness of Intellectual Property Laws / Alex Simonson -- 15. Consumer Response to Warnings and Other Types of Product Hazard Information: Future Public Policy and Research Directions / David W. Stewart, Valerie S. Folkes and Ingrid Martin -- 16. Do Food Labels Word: Gauging the Effectivenesss of Food Labels Pre- and Post-NLEA / Brenda M. Derby and Alan S. Levy --
  • 17. The Effectiveness of Environmental Marketing Claims: The Roles of Consumers, Competitors, and Policy Makers / Robert N. Mayer, Linda A. Lewis and Debra L. Scammon -- 18. Insights from Consumer Research on the Effects of Deceptive Advertising Regulations / John E. Calfee -- 19. The Effectiveness of Product Safety Regulation and Litigation / Fred W. Morgan -- 20. The Effectiveness of Self-Regulated Privacy Protection: A Review and Framework for Future Research / George R. Milne -- 21. Social Marketing and Development / Ruby Roy Dholakia and Nikhilesh Dholakia -- 22. Theories and Models in Social Marketing / R. Craig Lefebvre.
Social marketing [Browse]
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