Surgical complications in oral implantology : etiology, prevention, and management / Louie Al-Faraje ; with contributions by James L. Rutkowski, Christopher Church.

Al-Faraje, Louie [Browse]
Hanover Park, IL : Quintessence Pub., c2011.
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Inadequate or excessive vertical restorative space -- Inadequate horizontal restorative space -- Limited jaw opening and interarch distance -- Inadequate alveolar width for optimal buccolingual positioning -- Maxillary and mandibular tori -- Incorrect implant angulation -- Malalignment -- Nerve injury -- Irregular or narrow alveolar crest -- Extensive resorption of the mandible -- Curved extraction socket -- Injury to adjacent teeth during implant placement -- Preoperative acute and chronic infections at the implant site -- Retained root tips in the implant site -- Bleeding -- Overheating of the bone during drilling -- Stripping of the implant site -- Sinus floor perforation -- Nasal floor perforation -- Accidental partial or complete displacement of dental implants into the maxillary sinus -- Accidental displacement of dental implants into the maxillary incisive canal -- Deep implant placement -- Shallow implant placement -- Complications in flapless implant placement -- Aspiration or ingestion of foreign objects -- Mandibular bone fracture -- Implant fracture -- Excessive torque during insertion and compression necrosis -- Inadequate initial stability -- Postoperative Pain -- Tissue emphysema induced by dental procedures -- Incision line reopening -- Cover screw exposure during the healing period -- Bone growth over the cover screw -- Soft tissue growth between implant platform and cover screw -- Bone loss or thread exposure during the healing period -- Implant mobility during stage-two surgery -- Implant periapical lesion (IPL) and retrograde peri-implantitis -- Cement left in the pocket -- Radiotherapy, osteoradionecrosis, and dental implants -- Shallow vestibule secondary to ridge augmentation -- Medicolegal issues -- Preoperative acute sinusitis -- Preoperative chronic sinusitis -- Preoperative fungal sinusitis -- Preoperative cystic structures and mucoceles -- Other preoperative sinus lesions -- Hematoma during anesthesia -- Bleeding during incision and flap reflection -- Bleeding during osteotomy -- Damage to adjacent dentition -- Perforation of the sinus membrane during osteotomy -- Perforation of the sinus membrane during elevation -- Incomplete elevation -- Bleeding during membrane elevation -- Fracture of the residual alveolar ridge -- Excessive elevation of the membrane -- Presence of a mucus retention cyst -- Blockage of the maxillary ostium -- Unstable implants -- Wound dehiscence -- Acute graft infection/sinusitis -- Exposure of the bone graft and/or barrier membrane -- Sinus Congestion -- Early implant migration into the sinus cavity -- Insufficient quality and/or quantity of healed graft -- Implant failure in the augmented sinus -- Chronic infection/sinusitis -- Infection of all paranasal sinuses/intracranial cavity -- Delayed implant migration into the sinus cavity -- Sinus aspergillosis -- Intra- and postoperative infection -- Intra- and postoperative pain -- Bisphosphonate-related osteonecrosis of the jaw -- Bleeding problems in patients taking anticoagulants or antiplatelet agents -- Implant treatment protocol -- Consent forms -- Postoperative instructions.
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