Public health behind bars : from prisons to communities / edited by Robert B. Greifinger, deputy editors; Joseph Bick, Joe Goldenson.

Secaucus, NJ : Springer Verlag, c2007.
xvi, 576 p. : ill. ; 27 cm.


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1. Thirty Years Since Estelle v. Gamble: Looking Forward, Not Wayward / Robert B. Greifinger -- 2. Impact of Incarceration on Community Public Safety and Public Health / Todd R. Clear -- 3. Litigating for Better Medical Care / Jon Wool -- 4. Accommodating Disabilities in Jails and Prisons / R. Samuel Paz -- 5. Growing Older: Challenges of Prison and Reentry for the Aging Population / Brie Williams and Rita Abraldes -- 6. International Public Health and Corrections: Models of Care and Harm Minimization / Michael Levy -- 7. The Medicalization of Execution: Lethal Injection in the United States / Mark Heath -- 8. HIV and Viral Hepatitis in Corrections: A Public Health Opportunity / Joseph A. Bick -- 9. Prevention of Viral Hepatitis / Cindy Weinbaum and Karen A. Hennessey -- 10. HIV Prevention: Behavioral Interventions in Correctional Settings / Barry Zack -- 11. Prevention and Control of Tuberculosis in Correctional Facilities / Farah M. Parvez -- 12. Controlling Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, and Syphilis Through Targeted Screening and Treatment in Correctional Settings / Charlotte K. Kent and Gail A. Bolan -- 13. Health Promotion in Jails and Prisons: An Alternative Paradigm for Correctional Health Services / Megha Ramaswamy and Nicholas Freudenberg -- 14. Screening for Public Purpose: Promoting an Evidence-based Approach to Screening of Inmates to Improve the Public Health / Joshua D. Lee, Marshall W. Fordyce and Josiah D. Rich -- 15. Written Health Informational Needs for Reentry / Jeff Mellow -- 16. Reducing Inmate Suicides Through the Mortality Review Process / Lindsay M. Hayes -- 17. Blinders to Comprehensive Psychiatric Diagnosis in the Correctional System / Richard L. Grant -- 18. Juvenile Corrections and Public Health Collaborations: Opportunities for Improved Health Outcomes / Michelle Staples-Horne, Kaiyti Duffy and Michele T. Rorie -- 19. Female Prisoners and the Case for Gender-Specific Treatment and Reentry Programs / Andrea F. Balis -- 20. Building the Case for Oral Health Care for Prisoners: Presenting the Evidence and Calling for Justice / Henrie M. Treadwell, Mary E. Northridge and Traci N. Bethea -- 21. Treatment of Mental Illness in Correctional Settings / Raymond F. Patterson and Robert B. Greifinger -- 22. Treatment and Reentry Approaches for Offenders with Co-occurring Disorders / Roger H. Peters and Nicole M. Bekman -- 23. Pharmacological Treatment of Substance Abuse in Correctional Facilities: Prospects and Barriers to Expanding Access to Evidence-Based Therapy / R. Douglas Bruce, Duncan Smith-Rohrberg and Frederick L. Altice -- 24. Health Research Behind Bars: A Brief Guide to Research in Jails and Prisons / Nicholas Freudenberg -- 25. Reentry Experiences of Men with Health Problems / Christy A. Visher and Kamala Mallik-Kane -- 26. Providing Transition and Outpatient Services to the Mentally Ill Released from Correctional Institutions / Steven K. Huge -- 27. Sexual Predators: Diversion, Civil Commitment, Community Reintegration, Challenges, and Opportunities / Karen Terry -- 28. Electronic Health Records Systems and Continuity of Care / Ralph P. Woodward -- 29. Community Health and Public Health Collaborations / Thomas Lincoln, John R. Miles and Steve Scheibel -- 30. Improving the Care for HIV-infected Prisoners: An Integrated Prison-Release Health Model / Sandra A. Springer and Frederick L. Altice.
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