Diseases of the breast / edited by Jay R. Harris ... [et al.].

3rd ed.
Philadelphia : Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, c2004.
xvii, 1563 p., [16] p. of plates : ill. (some col.) ; 29 cm.


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  • Sect. I. Breast anatomy and development -- 1. Breast anatomy and development / Michael P. Osborne -- 2. Molecular mechanisms regulating breast development / Jeffrey M. Rosen -- Sect. II. Diagnosis and management of benign breast diseases -- 3. Physical examination of the breast / Monica Morrow -- 4. Management of the palpable breast mass / David R. Brenin -- 5. Management of disorders of the ductal system and infections / J. Michael Dixon and Nigel J. Bundred -- 6. Management of breast pain / Ian S. Fentiman -- 7. Abnormalities of the breast in pregnancy and lactation / Jeanne A. Petrek -- 8. Management of gynecomastia / Glenn D. Braunstein -- 9. Pathology of benign breast disorders / Stuart J. Schnitt and James L. Connolly -- Sect. III. Breast imaging and image-guided biopsy techniques -- 10. Screening for breast cancer / Robert A. Smith and Carl J. D'Orsi -- 11. Imaging analysis : mammography / Mark A. Helvie -- 12. Imaging analysis : ultrasonographic imaging / Ellen B. Mendelson -- 13. Imaging analysis : magnetic resonance imaging / Susan G. Orel -- 14. Imaging : new techniques / Matthew Freedman -- 15. Image-guided biopsy of nonpalpable breast lesions / Luz A. Venta -- Sect. IV. Epidemiology and assessing and managing risk -- 16. Nongenetic factors in the causation of breast cancer / Walter C. Willett, Beverly Rockhill, Susan E. Hankinson, David Hunter and Graham A. Colditz -- 17. Inherited genetic factors and breast cancer / Susan M. Domchek and Barbara L. Weber -- 18. Newer techniques of risk assessment / Seema A. Khan -- 19. Evaluation and management of women with a strong family history / Claudine Isaacs, Beth N. Peshkin and Marc Schwartz -- 20. Chemoprevention of breast cancer : laboratory principles / Joan S. Lewis and V. Craig Jordan -- 21. Chemoprevention : clinical aspects / Priya Rastogi, Shelly Lo and Victor G. Vogel -- Sect. V. Pathogenesis of breast cancer -- 22. Genomic events in breast cancer progression / Richard M. Neve, Carl Schaefer, Ken Buetow and Joe W. Gray -- 23. Targeted therapeutics in breast cancer : challenges to success / Elise C. Kohn, Yiling Lu, Hongwei Wang, Qinghua Yu, Shuangxing Yu, Hassan Hall, Debra L. Smith, Laura Nolden, Gabriel N. Hortobagyi and Gordon B. Mills -- 24. Alterations in the ErbB signaling network in breast cancer / Mark X. Sliwkowski -- 25. The role of proteomic analyses in breast cancer / Samir Hanash -- 26. Microarray analysis of human breast cancer / Marc J. van de Vijver -- 27. The biology of breast tumor angiogenesis / Stephen B. Fox and Adrian L. Harris -- 28. Control of invasion and metastasis / Patricia S. Steeg -- 29. The Bcl-2 family proteins, apoptosis, and breast cancer / Shaomeng Wang, Dajun Yang and Marc E. Lippman -- Sect. VI. In situ carcinoma -- 30. Lobular carcinoma in situ : biology and pathology / Laura G. Fulford, Jorge S. Reis-Filho and Sunil R. Lakhani -- 31. Lobular carcinoma in situ : clinical management / Lisa A. Newman -- 32. Biologic features of human premalignant breast disease / D. Craig Allred, Susan G. Hilsenbeck and Syed K. Mohsin -- 33. Ductal carcinoma in situ and microinvasive carcinoma / Monica Morrow and Jay R. Harris -- Sect. VII. Pathology, markers, and staging of invasive breast cancer -- 34. Pathology of invasive breast cancer / Stuart J. Schnitt and Anthony J. Guidi -- 35. The biology of estrogen receptors / Suzanne A. W. Fuqua and Rachel Schiff -- 36. Clinical aspects of estrogen and progesterone receptors / Richard M. Elledge and D. Craig Allred -- 37. Impact of Her-2/neu expression on natural history and outcome of human breast cancer / Joseph Ragaz -- 38. Staging of breast cancer / Jay R. Harris -- 39. Evaluation of patients for metastasis prior to primary therapy / Rita Kramer and C. Kent Osborne -- 40. Prognostic and predictive markers / Jenny C. Chang and Susan G. Hilsenbeck -- 41. Bone marrow micrometastases and circulating tumor cells / Ingo J. Diel, Michael Neumaier and Florian Schuetz -- 42. Lymph node micrometastases / Anthony Lucci, Jr. and Angela Shober -- Sect. VIII. Local treatment of primary invasive breast cancer -- 43. Local management of invasive cancer : breast / Monica Morrow and Jay R. Harris -- 44. Local management of invasive breast cancer : axilla / Baiba J. Grube, Christopher M. Rose and Armando E. Giuliano -- 45. Postmastectomy radiation therapy / Julia S. Wong and Jay R. Harris -- 46. Breast reconstruction / Neil A. Fine and Thomas A. Mustoe -- 47. Techniques in surgery : lumpectomy for palpable and nonpalpable cancer / Monica Morrow -- 48. Techniques in surgery : sentinel node biopsy and axillary dissection / Valerie L. Staradub -- 49. Techniques in surgery : therapeutic and prophylactic mastectomy / S. Eva Singletary -- 50. Techniques in surgery : prophylactic oophorectomy / Michael G. Muto -- 51. Techniques in radiation therapy after lumpectomy / Lori J. Pierce and Allen S. Lichter -- 52. Management summary on local therapy / Monica Morrow and Jay R. Harris -- Sect. IX. Adjuvant systemic therapy of primary breast cancer -- 53. Adjuvant endocrine therapy / C. Kent Osborne -- 54. Adjuvant chemotherapy and chemoendocrine therapy / Vered Stearns and Nancy E. Davidson -- 55. Bone metastases from breast cancer : the role of bisphosphonates in prevention / Alexander H. G. Paterson and Trevor J. Powles -- 56. Preoperative therapy for operable breast cancer / Lyndsay N. Harris, Carolyn M. Kaelin, Jennifer R. Bellon and Eric P. Winer -- 57. Adjuvant systemic therapy treatment guidelines / Nancy E. Davidson and C. Kent Osborne -- Sect. X. Special therapeutic problems -- 58. Locally advanced breast cancer / Gabriel N. Hortobagyi, S. Eva Singletary and Eric A. Strom -- 59. Inflammatory breast cancer / Sofia D. Merajver and Michael S. Sabel -- 60. Male breast cancer / William J. Gradishar -- 61. Phyllodes tumors / Benjamin O. Anderson, Thomas J. Lawton, Constance D. Lehman and Roger E. Moe -- 62. Paget's disease / Carolyn M. Kaelin -- 63. Rare cancers in the breast / Clifford Hudis and Lee K. Tan -- 64. Pregnancy-associated breast cancer and subsequent pregnancy in breast cancer survivors / Jeanne A. Petrek and Richard L. Theriault -- 65. Occult primary cancer with axillary metastases / Alain Fourquet, Martine Meunier and Francois Campana -- Sect. XI. Evaluation after primary therapy and management of recurrent breast cancer -- 66. Evaluation of patients after primary therapy / Rita Kramer and C. Kent Osborne -- 67. Local-regional recurrence after breast conservation treatment or mastectomy / Lawrence J. Solin, Eleanor E. R. Harris, Susan G. Orel and John H. Glick -- 68. Treatment of metastatic breast cancer : the role of Herceptin / Jean-Marc Nabholtz -- 69. Treatment of metastatic breast cancer / Matthew J. Ellis, Daniel F. Hayes and Marc E. Lippman -- Sect. XII. New breast cancer therapeutic approaches -- 70. Angiogenesis inhibition in breast cancer / Pablo Bedano, Kathy D. Miller and George W. Sledge, Jr. -- 71. Immunology and immunotherapy / Mary L. Disis, Keith L. Knutson, Lupe G. Salazar and Kathy Schiffman -- 72. Tyrosine kinase inhibitors / Carlos L. Arteaga -- Sect. XIII. Site-specific therapy of metastatic breast cancer -- 73. Brain metastases / Naren Ramakrishna, Sharon Galper and Patrick Y. Wen -- 74. Epidural metastases / Patrick Y. Wen, Craig D. McColl and Ronnie J. Freilich -- 75. Leptomeningeal metastases / Lisa M. DeAngelis -- 76. Brachial plexopathy in patients with breast cancer / Nathan I. Cherny and Oded Olsha -- 77. Ocular metastases / Beryl A. McCormick and David H. Abramson -- 78. Malignant effusions / Jeanne M. Lukanich, David J. Sugarbaker and Lawrence N. Shulman -- 79. Management of discrete pulmonary nodules / Steven J. Mentzer, David J. Sugarbaker and Lawrence N. Shulman --
  • 80. Management of isolated liver metastases / Mark S. Talamonti -- 81. Biology of bone metastases / Theresa A. Guise and John M. Chirgwin -- 82. Bisphosphonates and other medical treatment of bone metastases / Richard L. Theriault -- 83. Local treatment of bone metastases / Alan D. Aaron and Christine D. Berg -- Sect. XIV. Breast cancer in special populations -- 84. Breast cancer in older women / Gretchen G. Kimmick, Kevin S. Hughes and Hyman B. Muss -- 85. Breast cancer in young women / Aron Goldhirsch and Richard D. Gelber -- 86. Breast cancer in minority women / Jon F. Kerner, Bruce J. Trock and Jeanne S. Mandelblatt -- 87. End-of-life considerations in patients with breast cancer / Jane M. Ingham and Deepa S. Subramaniam -- Sect. XV. Issues in breast cancer survivorship -- 88. Nursing care in patient management and quality of life / Karen H. Dow and Barbara H. Kalinowski -- 89. Preserving and restoring function in breast cancer survivors / Lynn H. Gerber, Elizabeth Augustine, Charles L. McGarvey and Lucinda Pfalzer -- 90. Issues in breast cancer survivorship / Julia H. Rowland and Mary Jane Massie -- 91. Lymphedema / Jeanne A. Petrek and Andrea L. Cheville -- 92. Management of menopausal problems in breast cancer survivors / Dawn Hershman and Charles L. Loprinzi -- 93. Reproductive health in breast cancer patients / Harold J. Burstein and Eric P. Winer -- Sect. XVI. Other considerations -- 94. Medical legal aspects of breast cancer evaluation and management / R. James Brenner -- 95. Cost and cost-effectiveness considerations / Bruce E. Hillner and James A. Hayman -- App. Recent and ongoing randomized trials of adjuvant therapy for breast cancer, classified by research organization.
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