Handbook of obesity treatment / edited by Thomas A. Wadden, Albert J. Stunkard.

New York : Guilford Press, c2002.
xv, 624 p. : ill. ; 26 cm.


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Updated ed. The 2nd ed. was previously published as: Obesity : theory and therapy.
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Includes bibliographical references and indexes.
  • Pt. I. Prevalence, Consequences, and Etiology of Obesity. 1. Epidemiology and Health and Economic Consequences of Obesity / Alison E. Field, Joaquin Barnoya and Graham A. Colditz. 2. Body Weight Regulation: Neural, Endocrine, and Autocrine Mechanisms / Streamson C. Chua, Jr. and Rudolph L. Leibel. 3. Energy Metabolism and Obesity / P. A. Tataranni and Eric Ravussin. 4. Genetics and Common Obesities: Background, Current Status, Strategies, and Future Prospects / R. Arlen Price. 5. Confronting the Toxic Environment: Environmental Public Health Actions in a World Crisis / Katherine Battle Horgen and Kelly D. Brownell. 6. Binge-Eating Disorder and Night-Eating Syndrome / Albert J. Stunkard -- Pt. II. Health Consequences of Weight Reduction. 7. The Relationship of Intentional Weight Loss to Disease Incidence and Mortality / Edward W. Gregg and David F. Williamson.
  • 8. Psychosocial Consequences of Obesity and Weight Loss / Thomas A. Wadden, Leslie G. Womble and Albert J. Stunkard / [et al.] -- Pt. III. Assessment of the Obese Adult. 9. Medical Evaluation of the Obese Patient / Richard L. Atkinson. 10. Behavioral Assessment of the Obese Patient / Thomas A. Wadden and Suzanne Phelan -- Pt. IV. Treatment of Adult Obesity. 11. The Treatment of Obesity: An Overview / Thomas A. Wadden and Suzette Osei. 12. Popular Diets for Treatment of Overweight and Obesity / Kathleen Melanson and Johanna Dwyer. 13. Exercise and Weight Management / Steven N. Blair and Elizabeth A. Leermakers. 14. Behavioral Weight Control / Rena R. Wing. 15. Drug Treatment of Obesity / George A. Bray. 16. Surgical Treatment of Obesity / Rifat Latifi, John M. Kellum and Eric J. De Maria / [et al.]. 17. Improving the Maintenance of Weight Lost in Behavioral Treatment of Obesity / Michael G. Perri and Joyce A. Corsica --
  • Pt. V. Treatment of Adult Obesity: Additional Approaches and Resources. 18. Treatment of Obesity in the Primary Care Setting / Louis J. Aronne. 19. Commercial and Self-Help Weight Loss Programs / Leslie G. Womble, Shirley S. Wang and Thomas A. Wadden. 20. Obesity Treatment in Minorities / Shiriki K. Kumanyika. 21. Obesity and Body Image Disturbance / David B. Sarwer and J. Kevin Thompson. 22. Cognitive-Behavioral Treatment of Obesity / Zafra Cooper and Christopher G. Fairburn. 23. Obesity, Weight Management, and Self-Esteem / Carol Johnson. 24. Nondieting Approaches: Principles, Practices, and Evidence / Gary D. Foster and Brian G. McGuckin -- Pt. VI. Childhood Obesity and Obesity Prevention. 25. Development of Childhood Obesity / Robert I. Berkowitz and Albert J. Stunkard. 26. Treatment of Pediatric Obesity / Gary S. Goldfield, Hollie A. Raynor and Leonard H. Epstein. 27. Prevention of Obesity / Kathryn H. Schmitz and Robert W. Jeffery.
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