Death and trauma : the traumatology of grieving / edited by Charles R. Figley, Brian E. Bride, Nicholas Mazza.

Washington, DC : Taylor & Francis, c1997.
xxvii, 273 p. : ill. ; 24 cm.


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Summary note
  • Although the fields of thanatology and traumatology have received robust attention during their parallel development, little effort has been made to address their overlapping territory. This volume is the first attempt to do so.
  • Specifically, the purpose of this book is fourfold. First is to provide a theoretical bridge between the two fields by providing conceptual terminology, such as defining "normal" versus "dysfunctional" bereavement and the meaning and range of death-related PTSD. The second confirms and illustrates the identical patterns of reactions between those who survive the death of a loved one and those who survive other traumatic events. Such an effort is part of the natural development of these fields of study.
  • Next, the book applies the most useful theoretical models to the bereavement experience, and in turn acknowledges the utility of generalizing bereavement models to other traumatic experiences; in doing so, the two fields can enrich each other. Similarly, the volume's final purpose is to identify and apply the most useful and effective approaches in traumatology literature to the study, diagnosis, and treatment of traumatic stressors other than death.
Bibliographic references
Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • Ch. 1. Traumatic Bereavements and Death-Related PTSD / Michael A. Simpson -- Ch. 2. Childhood Traumatic Loss: The Interaction of Trauma and Grief / Kathleen O. Nader -- Ch. 3. Death of a Co-Worker: Conceptual Overview / Lasse A. Nurmi and Mary Beth Williams -- Ch. 4. Traumatic Death in Pregnancy: The Significance of Meaning and Attachment / Anne Speckhard -- Ch. 5. Couple Coping with the Death of a Child / Kathleen R. Gilbert -- Ch. 6. Death as Trauma of Children: A Relational Treatment Approach / Arlene Steinberg -- Ch. 7. Minimizing the Impact of Parental Grief on Children: Parent and Family Interventions / John E. Baker -- Ch. 8. Treating Traumatic Grief in Systems / Kathleen O. Nader -- Ch. 9. Death of a Co-Worker: Facilitating the Healing / Mary Beth Williams and Lasse A. Nurmi -- Ch. 10. Treating Families with Traumatic Loss: Transitional Family Therapy / Susan H. Horwitz --
  • Ch. 11. Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing: A Therapeutic Tool for Trauma and Grief / Roger M. Solomon and Francine Shapiro -- Ch. 12. Thought Field Therapy: Aiding the Bereavement Process / Roger J. Callahan and Joanne Callahan.
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