Brain, mind and medicine : essays in eighteenth-century neuroscience / edited by Harry Whitaker, C.U.M. Smith, Stanley Finger.

New York, NY : Springer, c2007.
xiii, 376 p. : ill. ; 27 cm.


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Sect. A. Introduction -- Introduction / Harry Whitaker, C. U. M. Smith and Stanley Finger -- Chronology / C. U. M. Smith -- Sect. B. Background -- Introduction / The Editors -- 1. Brain and Mind in the 'Long' Eighteenth Century / C. U. M. Smith -- 2. Enlightening Neuroscience: Microscopes and Microscopy in the Eighteenth Century / Brian J. Ford -- 3. Corpus Curricula: Medical Education and the Voluntary Hospital Movement / Jonathan Reinarz -- 4. Some Thoughts on the Medical Milieu in the Last Quarter of the Eighteenth Century as Reflected in the Life and Activities of James Parkinson (1755-1824) / Christopher Gardner-Thorpe -- Sect. C. The Nervous System -- Introduction / The Editors -- 5. John Hunter's Contributions to Neuroscience / James L. Stone, James T. Goodrich and George R. Cybulski -- 6. William Cullen (1710-1790) and Robert Whytt (1714-1766) on the Nervous System / Julius Rocca -- 7. 1710: The Introduction of Experimental Nervous System Physiology and Anatomy by Francois Pourfour du Petit / Lawrence Kruger and Larry W. Swanson -- 8. Irritable Glue: The Haller-Whytt Controversy on the Mechanism of Muscle Contraction / Eugenio Frixione -- 9. The Taming of the Electric Ray: From a Wonderful and Dreadful "Art" to "Animal Electricity" and "Electric Battery" / Marco Piccolino -- 10. Luigi Galvani, Physician, Surgeon, Physicist: From Animal Electricity to Electro-Physiology / Miriam Focaccia and Raffaella Simili -- Sect. D. Brain and Behaviour -- Introduction / The Editors -- 11. The Vision of William Porterfield / Nicholas J. Wade -- 12. David Hartley's Neural Vibrations and Psychological Associations / Robert B. Glassman and Hugh W. Buckingham -- 13. Charles Bonnet's Neurophilosophy / Harry A. Whitaker and Yves Turgeon -- 14. Swedenborg and Localization Theory / Ulf Norrsell -- Sect. E. Medical Theories and Applications -- Introduction / The Editors -- 15. Neuroscience in the Work of Boerhaave and Haller / Peter J. Koehler -- 16. Apoplexy: Changing Concepts in the Eighteenth Century / Catherine E. Storey -- 17. Benjamin Franklin and the Electrical Cure for Disorders of the Nervous System / Stanley Finger -- 18. Gentleman's Magazine, the Advent of Medical Electricity, and Disorders of the Nervous System / Hannah Sypher Locke and Stanley Finger -- 19. Therapeutic Attractions: Early Applications of Electricity to the Art of Healing / Paola Bertucci -- 20. John Wesley on the Estimation and Cure of Nervous Disorders / James G. Donat -- 21. Franz Anton Mesmer and the Rise and Fall of Animal Magnetism: Dramatic Cures, Controversy, and Ultimately a Triumph for the Scientific Method / Douglas J. Lanska and Joseph T. Lanska -- 22. Hysteria in the Eighteenth Century / Diana Faber -- Sect. F. Cultural Consequences -- Introduction / The Editors -- 23. Technological Metaphors and the Anatomy of Representations in Eighteenth-Century French Materialism and Dualist Mechanism / Timo Kaitaro -- 24. Explorations of the Brain, Mind and Medicine in the Writings of Jonathan Swift / Marjorie Perlman Lorch -- 25. Temperament and the Long Shadow of Nerves in the Eighteenth Century / George Rousseau.
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