Principles of neurotoxicology / edited by Louis W. Chang.

New York, N.Y. : M. Dekker, c1994.
xviii, 800 p. : ill. ; 26 cm.


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  • Foreword / J. B. Cavanagh -- 1. Introduction to Basic Principles of Neurocytology and General Concepts on Neurotoxicopathology / Louis W. Chang -- 2. Blood-Brain and Blood-Nerve Barriers and Their Relationships to Neurotoxicity / Jean M. Jacobs -- 3. Receptors and Neurotransmitters in Neurotoxicity / Jerry M. Farley and Ing K. Ho -- 4. The Role of Glia in Central Nervous System Induced Injuries / Michael Aschner, Judy L. Aschner and Harold K. Kimelberg -- 5. Models of Axonal Transport: Application to Understanding Certain Neuropathies / Jacob J. Blum and Michael C. Reed -- 6. Axonopathy / Ram P. Gupta and Mohamed B. Abou-Donia -- 7. Involvement of Cytoskeletal Proteins in Chemically Induced Neuropathies / Mohamed B. Abou-Donia and Ram P. Gupta -- 8. Toxicant-Induced Demyelinating Neuropathy / Thomas W. Bouldin and Jeffry F. Goodrum -- 9. Schwann Cell-Axon Interactions: Implications for Neurotoxic Mechanisms / Richard M. LoPachin and Ellen J. Lehning.
  • 10. The Neuromuscular Junction as a Target for Toxicity / William D. Atchison and John M. Spitsbergen -- 11. Neurotoxicant-Induced Changes in Schedule-Controlled Behavior / Deborah A. Cory-Slechta -- 12. Assessment of Auditory Dysfunction / Gordon T. Pryor -- 13. Assessment of Chemically Induced Alterations in Motor Function / Mary Jeanne Kallman and Stephen C. Fowler -- 14. Conceptual and Procedural Issues Concerning the Neurotoxicological Assessment of Learning and Memory Processes / Charles F. Mactutus -- 15. Behavioral Toxicology: From the Lab to the Natural Environment / Hugh L. Evans and Stephen A. Daniel -- 16. Cell Signaling and Neurotoxic Events / Lucio G. Costa -- 17. Excitotoxicity / John W. Olney -- 18. The Use of Neurotoxins to Model Neurological Diseases / Thomas J. Walsh, Karen Opello, James David Adams, Jr. and Lori K. Klaidman -- 19. Molecular Neurotoxicology / Melvin L. Billingsley and James P. O'Callaghan.
  • 20. Induction of Oxidative Stress in the Brain by Neurotoxic Agents / Stephen C. Bondy -- 21. Biochemical and Molecular Bases of Myelinopathy / Pierre Morell -- 22. Role of Ion Channels in Neurotoxicity / Toshio Narahashi -- 23. Placental Transfer and Pharmacokinetics of Developmental Neurotoxicants / William Slikker, Jr. -- 24. Events in Central Nervous System Development as the Bases for Susceptibility to Neurotoxicity / Pat Levitt and E. Hazel Murphy -- 25. Concepts on Cell Adhesion Molecules and Their Possible Roles in Neurotoxicity / Laura A. Lagunowich -- 26. Interspecies Comparison of the Evaluation of Cognitive Developmental Effects of Neurotoxicants in Primates / Merle G. Paule and Jane Adams -- 27. Behavioral and Functional Ontogeny: Biomarkers of Neurotoxicity / Charles V. Vorhees -- 28. Delayed Neurotoxicity: A Silent Toxicity / Bernard Weiss and Kenneth Reuhl.
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