Narcolepsy and hypersomnia / edited by Claudio L. Bassetti, Michael Billiard, Emmanuel Mignot.

New York : Informa Healthcare, c2007.
xxviii, 697 p. : ill. ; 24 cm.


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  • Lung biology in health and disease ; v. 220. [More in this series]
  • Lung biology in health and disease ; 220
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Includes bibliographical references and index.
1. Historical aspects of narcolepsy / William C. Dement -- 2. English translations of the first clinical reports on narcolepsy by Gelineau and on cataplexy by Westphal in the late 19th century, with commentary / Carlos H. Schenck, Claudia L. Bassetti, Isabelle Arnulf and Emmanuel Mignot -- 3. Historical aspects of the treatment for narcolepsy / Yasuo Hishikawa and Tetsuo Shimizu -- 4. Narcolepsy and hypersomnia : immunogenetic aspects of narcolepsy - past, present, and future / Yutaka Honda, Minae Kawashima and Katsushi Tokunaga -- 5. The hypocretins : discovery and emerging role as integrators of physiological signals / Luis de Lecea, Raphaelle Winsky-Sommerer, Covadonga Paneda, Chisa Suzuki and J. Gregor Sutcliffe -- 6. Cataplexy / Christian Guilleminault, Ji Hyun Lee and Viola Arias -- 7. Effect of age on narcolepsy / Yves Dauvilliers, Jacques Montplaisir and Michel Billiard -- 8. Narcolepsy in children and adolescents / Sona Nevsimalova -- 9. Idiopathic hypersomnia / Michel Billiard and Yves Dauvilliers -- 10. Kleine-Levin syndrome and other recurrent hypersomnias / Claudio Bassetti, Michel Billiard, Emmanuel Mignot and Isabelle Arnulf -- 11. Spectrum of narcolepsy / Claudio L. Bassetti -- 12. Sleep paralysis, state transition disruptions, and narcolepsy / James Allan Cheyne -- 13. Epidemiology of narcolepsy : development of the ullanlinna narcolepsy scale / Christer Hublin -- 14. Epidemiology of narcolepsy / Maurice M. Ohayon -- 15. Automatic behavior, sleep paralysis, hypnagogic hallucinations, cataplexy : narcolepsy spectrum and alternate etiologies / Mariana Szklo-Coxe, Terry Young, Laurel Finn and Emmanuel Mignot -- 16. Neurophysiology of cataplexy and cataplexy-like phenomena / Sebastiaan Overeem, Gert Jan hammers, Bastiaan R. Bloem and J. Gert Van Dijk -- 17. Abnormal motor activity during sleep in narcolepsy / Jacques Montplaisir, Shirley Whittom, Sylvie Rompre, Thien Dang-vu and Yves Dauvilliers -- 18. Circadian and Ultradian aspects in narcolepsy / Franco Ferrillo and Lino Nobili -- 19. Homeostatic sleep regulation in narcolepsy / Ramin Khatami, Peter Achermann, Hans-Peter Landolt and Claudio L. Bassetti -- 20. Daytime variations in alertness/drowsiness and vigilance in narcolepsy/cataplexy / Roger J. Broughton -- 21. Molecular characterization of hypocretin/orexin and melanin concentrating hormone neurons : relevance to narcolepsy / Christelle Peyron -- 22. Nocturnal polysomnography, multiple sleep latency test and maintenance of wakefulness test in narcolepsy / Merrill M. Mitler -- 23. Canine narcolepsy : history and pathophysiology / Emmanuel Mignot -- 24. Vigilance tests in narcolepsy / Johannes Mathis and Christian W. Hess -- 25. Lessons from sleepy mice : narcolepsy-cataplexy and the orexin neuropeptide system / Jon T. Willie and Masashi Yanagisawa -- 26. Hypocretin-1 studies in cerebrospinal fluid : European experience / Christian R. Baumann, Claudio L. Bassetti, Sebastiaan Overeem and Gert Jan Lammers -- 27. CSF hypocretin-1/orexin-a in narcolepsy : technical aspects and clinical experience in the United States / Emmanuel Mignot -- 28. Hypocretin pathology in human narcolepsy / Thomas C. Thannickal and Jerome M. Siegel -- 29. Symptomatic narcolepsy with cataplexy and without cataplexy or Hypersomnia, with and without hypocretin (orexin) deficiency / T. Kanbayashi, M. Abe, Yasuo Hishikawa, Tetsuo Shimizu and Seiji Nishino -- 30. Poststroke and posttraumatic hypersomnia / Claudio L. Bassetti and Christian R. Baumann -- 31. Potential mechanisms of the wake-promoting action of hypocretin/orexin / Michael Muhlethaler -- 32. Normal role of hypocretin/orexin / Jerome M. Siegel -- 33. Role of hypocretin/orexin in the neurobiology of sleep and alertness / Jamie M. Zeitzer and Emmanuel Mignot -- 34. Hypocretin, GABA[subscript B] receptors and sleep / Thomas S. Kilduff, Stephen R. Morairty, Teresa L. Steininger and Xinmin S. Xie -- 35. The activity profile of hypocretin neurons in the freely moving rat / Boris Y. Mileykovskiy, Lyudmila I. Kiyashchenko and Jerome M. Siegel -- 36. Input and output of orexin/hypocretin neurons : link between arousal pathways and feeding behavior / Takeshi Sakurai -- 37. Human leukocyte antigen and narcolepsy : present status and relationship with familial history and hypocretin deficiency / Ling Lin and Emmanuel Mignot -- 38. Non-HLA genes in narcolepsy / Mehdi Tafti -- 39. Mutation screening of the hypocretin system genes in narcolepsy / Juliette Faraco and Emmanuel Mignot -- 40. Environmental factors in narcolepsy / Michel Billiard and Cecilia Orellana -- 41. Autoimmune studies in narcolepsy / Michael H. Silber, John L. Black, Lois E. Krahn and Paul A. Fredrickson -- 42. Metabolic abnormalities in human narcolepsy / Thomas Pollmacher, Pierre Beitinger and Andreas Schuld -- 43. Hormonal abnormalities in hypocretin/orexin deficient human narcolepsy / Gen Jan hammers, Sebastiaan Overeem and Hanno Pijl -- 44. Psychosocial impact of narcolepsy / Adrian M. Siegel and Roger J. Broughton -- 45. Narcolepsy and driving / Jean Krieger and Christine Erhardt -- 46. Comorbidity in narcolepsy / Geert Mayer, Thomas Penzel and Karl Kesper -- 47. The behavioral management of narcolepsy / Roger J. Broughton and Brian J. Murray -- 48. Pharmacology of CNS stimulants / Seiji Nishino and Emmanuel Mignot -- 49. Anticataplectic medications / Seiji Nishino -- 50. Modafinil : mechanisms of action / Thomas E. Scammell -- 51. Modafinil : the European experience / Michel Billiard, Agnes Nicolet, Yves Dauvilliers and Bertrand Carlander -- 52. Modafinil : the U.S. experience / Michael Thorpy -- 53. Molecular and cellular actions of [gamma]-hydroxybutyric acid : possible mechanisms underlying GHB efficacy in narcolepsy / Xinmin S. Xie, Daniel Pardi and Jed Black -- 54. Sodium oxybate for the treatment of narcolepsy / Jed Black -- 55. Perspectives for new treatments : an update / Emmanuel Mignot and Seiji Nishino -- 56. Diagnostic criteria for syndromes of excessive daytime sleepiness / Emmanuel Mignot, Michel Billiard and Claudio L. Bassetti -- App. A. Guidelines for the appropriate use of CSF measurements to diagnose narcolepsy / Ling Lin, Claudio L. Bassetti, Gert Jan Lammers, Seiji Nishino, Michael H. Silber, T. Kanbayashi, Jamie M. Zeitzer, Michel Billiard, Sebastiaan Overeem, Yves Dauvilliers, Laurence K. Oliver, Geert Mayer and Emmanuel Mignot -- App. B. Treatment guidelines / Michel Billiard, Claudio L. Bassetti, Jed Black, Roger J. Broughton, Yves Dauvilliers, Yutaka Honda, T. Kanbayashi, Gert Jan Lammers, Geert Mayer, Emmanuel Mignot, Jacques Montplaisir, Thomas Pollmacher, Thomas E. Scammell, Michael H. Silber, Karl E. Sonka and Michael Thorpy.
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