Global HIV/AIDS medicine / edited by Paul A. Volberding, Merle A. Sande ... [et al.].

Philadelphia, Pa. ; Edinburgh : Elsevier Saunders, c2008.
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Ch. 1. The Global Epidemiology of HIV/AIDS / Kevin M. DeCock -- Ch. 2. The Origins and Diversification of HIV / Michael Worobey -- Ch. 3. Molecular Biology of HIV: Implications for New Therapies / Warner C. Greene and R. Matija Peterlin -- Ch. 4. The Immune Response to HIV / Clive M. Gray and Bruce Walker -- Ch. 5. Viral and Host Determinants of HIV-1 Disease Progression / Hanneke Schuilemaker and Angelique B. van't Wout -- Ch. 6. Acute HIV Infection / Anthony D. Kelleher and David A. Cooper -- Ch. 7. Biology of HIV-1 Transmission / Julie Overbaugh -- Ch. 8. The Design of a Global AIDS Vaccine / John R. Mascola and Richard A. Koup -- Ch. 9. HIV Prevention / Helene D. Gayle -- Ch. 10. Laboratory Testing for HIV Infection / James C. Shepherd, Oliver Laeyendecker and Thomas C. Quinn -- Ch. 11. Testing and Counseling / Rhoda Wanyenze, Primo Madra and Allan Ronald -- Ch. 12. New HIV Drug Development / Ferdinand W. N. M. Wit, Joep M. A. Lange and Paul A. Volberding -- Ch. 13. Overview of Antiretroviral Therapy / Paul A. Volberding -- Ch. 14. Development and Transmission of HIV Drug Resistance / Mark A. Wainberg and Marco Petrella -- Ch. 15. Clinical Implications of HIV Fitness and Virulence / Jason D. Barbour and Steven C. Deeks -- Ch. 16. Pharmacology of Antiretroviral Drugs / Concepta Merry and Charles W. Flexner -- Ch. 17. Complications Resulting from Antiretroviral Therapy for HIV Infection / David Nolan, Simon Mallal and Peter Reiss -- Ch. 18. HIV Immune Reconstitution Inflammatory Syndrome / Paul R. Bohjanen and David R. Boulware -- Ch. 19. Adherence to HIV Antiretroviral Therapy in Resource-limited Settings / Jayne Byakika-Tusiime, Catherine Orrell and David Bangsberg -- Ch. 20. Oral Complications of HIV Infection / John S. Greenspan and Deborah Greenspan -- Ch. 21. Ocular Manifestations / James P. Dunn -- Ch. 22. Global HIV and Dermatology / Toby Maurer -- Ch. 23. Gastrointestinal Disorders in HIV / Michael H. Serlin and Douglas Dieterich -- Ch. 24. Primary Neurological Manifestation of HIV/AIDS / David B. Clifford and Mesfin Teshome Mitike -- Ch. 25. Psychiatric Barriers and the International AIDS Epidemic / Alex Thompson, Jessica L. Long, Andrew Angelino and Glenn Treisman -- Ch. 26. Cardiovascular Complications of HIV Infection / James H. Stein -- Ch. 27. Endocrine Complications of HIV Infection / Melissa E. Weinberg, Joan C. Lo, Carl Grunfeld and Morris Schambelan -- Ch. 28. Renal Complications of HIV Infection / Jula K. Iurig, Lynda A. Szezech, Trevor E. Gerntholtz and Paul E. Klotman -- Ch. 29. Pneumocystis Pneumonia / J. Lucian Davis and Laurence Huang -- Ch. 30. Other HIV-related Pneumonias / John G. Bartlett -- Ch. 31. HIV-associated Tuberculosis / Edward C. Jones-Lopez, David J. Cennimo and Jerrold J. Ellner -- Ch. 32. Disseminated Mycobacterium avium Complex and other Atypical Mycobacterial Infections / Mark A. Jacobson -- Ch. 33. Candida in HIV Infection / Emma Devitt and William G. Powderly -- Ch. 34. Cryptococcosis and Other Fungal Infections (Histoplasmosis and Coccidioidomycosis) in HIV-infected patients / Kathleen R. Page, Richard Chaisson and Merle A. Sande -- Ch. 35. Infection due to Penicillium marneffei / Khuanchai Supparatpinyo and Thira Sirisanthana -- Ch. 36. AIDS-associated Toxoplasmosis / Carlos S. Subauste, Jose G. Montoya and Jack S. Remington -- Ch. 37. Hepatitis Virus Infections / Marion Peters and Oren K. Fix -- Ch. 38. Bartonella Infections in HIV-infected Individuals / Jane E. Kochter -- Ch. 39. Management of Herpesvirus Infections (Cytomegalovirus, Herpes Simplex Virus, and Varicella-Zoster Virus) / W. Lawrence Drew and Kim S. Erlich -- Ch. 40. HIV-associated Neoplasia / Lawrence D. Kaplan -- Ch. 41. Managing HIV Infection in Children and Adolescents / Andrew T. Pavia -- Ch. 42. Special Issues Regarding Women with HIV Infection / Meg D. Newman -- Ch. 43. Prevention of Mother-to-Child Transmission of HIV-1 / Lynne M. Mofenson -- Ch. 44. HIV Disease Among Substance Users: Treatment Issues / R. Douglas Bruce, Frederick L. Altice and Gerald Friedland -- Ch. 45. Models of Care: HIV Care in the Urban USA / Richard D. Moore and Jeanne C. Keruly -- Ch. 46. Antiretroviral Therapy of Drug-resistant HIV / Marianne Harris, P. Richard Harrigan and Julio S. G. Montaner -- Ch. 47. Complementary and Alternative Medicine / Jason Takumoto and Donald I. Abrams -- Ch. 48. The HIV-infected International Traveler / Malcolm John -- Ch. 49. HIV Transmission and its Prevention in Africa / Catherine Hankins, Steffanie Strathdee and Salim Abdool Karim -- Ch. 50. HIV Transmission and its Prevention in Asia / Stephen Kerr and Kiat Ruxrungtham -- Ch. 51. HIV Transmission and its Prevention in Eastern Europe / Kasia Malinowska-Sempruch -- Ch. 52. Vaginal Microbicides Against HIV / Zeda F. Rosenberg, Mark Mitchnick and Paul Coplan -- Ch. 53. Implications and Management of Malnutrition / Heather Southwell -- Ch. 54. Antiretroviral Therapy in Resource-poor Settings: Challenges, Research Priorities, Opportunities / Joep M. A. Lange, Elly Katabira and Papa Salif Sow -- Ch. 55. Antiretroviral Treatment and Follow-up of HIV-infected Children in Resource-limited Settings / Sibyl Geelen and Philippa Musoke -- Ch. 56. Epidemiology, Natural History and Treatment of HIV-2 Infections / Maarten F. Schim van der Loeff -- Ch. 57. Affordable CD4 T-cell Enumeration and HIV/AIDS Viral Load Monitoring in Resource-poor Settings / Tobias F. Rinke de Wit -- Ch. 58. Essential Medicines for HIV/AIDS / Hans V. Hogerzeil -- Ch. 59. Pharmacoeconomics of HIV/AIDS Treatment / Mairin Ryan -- Ch. 60. Logistics and Models of Implementing HAART in Resource-constrained Settings / Ernest Darkoh-Ampem -- Ch. 61. Universal Access to Antiretroviral Therapy: The Brazilian Experience / Mauro Schechter and Marie Charles -- Ch. 62. Surveillance of Antiretroviral Drug Resistance in Resource-poor Settings / Inge Derdelinckx and Charles Boucher -- Ch. 63. Post-exposure Prevention / Adelisa L. Paulilio and Denise M. Cardo -- Ch. 64. Selected NGOs Active in HIV and Web Links / Sahai Burrowes and Laurence Peiperl -- Ch. 65. Etiology and Management of Diarrhea in HIV-infected Patients and Impact on Antiretroviral Therapy / Ohuma Y. Bushen and Richard L. Guerrant -- Ch. 66. Malaria and HIV Infection / Feiko O. ter Kuile and James A. G. Whilworth -- Ch. 67. The Role of Unsterile Injections in the HIV Pandemic / Ernest Drucker, Cristian Apetrei, Robert Heimer and Preston Marx -- Ch. 68. The Economic Impact of HIV/AIDS in Developing Countries: Systematic Under-estimation / Jean-Paud Moatti and Bruno Ventelon -- Ch. 69. The Long Wave of HIV/AIDS: A Special Case of Pathogen- Host- Environment Interactions / Tony Barnett -- Ch. 70. The Growing Problem of AIDS Orphans / Theo Sowa -- Ch. 71. International Funding Mechanisms for AIDS Care and Prevention / Mabel van Oranje.
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