Sickness and health in America : readings in the history of medicine and public health / edited by Judith Walzer Leavitt and Ronald L. Numbers.

3rd ed.
Madison : University of Wisconsin Press, 1997.
xi, 587 p. : ill. ; 24 cm.


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  • Sickness and Health: An Overview -- 1. American Physicians "Discovery" of Homosexuals, 1880-1900: A New Diagnosis in a Changing Society / Bert Hansen -- 2. Black Lung: Miners' Militancy and Medical Uncertainty, 1968-1972 / Daniel M. Fox and Judith F. Stone -- 3. Medicine in New England / Eric H. Christianson -- 4. Martha Moore Ballard and the Medical Challenge to Midwifery / Laurel Thatcher Ulrich -- 5. From Specificity to Universalism in Medical Therapeutics: Transformation in the 19th-Century United States / John Harley Warner -- 6. The Introduction of Antibiotics into Therapeutics / John Parascandola -- 7. Divided We Stand: Physiologists and Clinicians in the American Context / Gerald L. Geison -- 8. The Maturation of American Medical Science / Ronald L. Numbers and John Harley Warner -- 9. "A Worrying Profession": The Domestic Environment of Medical Practice in Mid-19th-Century America / Judith Walzer Leavitt --
  • 10. Seeing Themselves at Work: Physicians and the Case Narrative in the Mid-19th-Century American South / Steven M. Stowe -- 11. The German Model of Training: Physicians in the United States, 1870-1914: How Closely Was It Followed? / Thomas Neville Bonner -- 12. Abraham Flexner in Perspective: American Medical Education, 1865-1910 / Robert P. Hudson -- 13. The "Connecting Link": The Case for the Woman Doctor in 19th-Century America / Regina Morantz-Sanchez -- 14. The Fall and Rise of the American Medical Profession / Ronald L. Numbers -- 15. The Training and Practice of Midwives: A Wisconsin Study / Charlotte G. Borst -- 16. "Neither for the Drawing Room nor for the Kitchen": Private Duty Nursing in Boston, 1873-1920 / Susan Reverby -- 17. The Third Party: Health Insurance in America / Ronald L. Numbers -- 18. American Medicine's Golden Age: What Happened to It? / John C. Burnham --
  • 19. Social Class and Medical Care in 19th Century America: The Rise and Fall of the Dispensary / Charles E. Rosenberg -- 20. Patrons, Practitioners, and Patients: The Voluntary Hospital in Mid-Victorian Boston / Morris J. Vogel -- 21. The Severely and Chronically Mentally Ill in America: Retrospect and Prospect / Gerald N. Grob -- 22. Black Health on the Plantation: Masters, Slaves, and Physicians / Todd L. Savitt -- 23. Roots of the Black Hospital Reform Movement / Vanessa Northington Gamble -- 24. Racism and Research: The Case of the Tuskegee Syphilis Study / Allan M. Brandt -- 25. "Be Safe. Be Sure": New York City's Experience with Epidemic Smallpox / Judith Walzer Leavitt -- 26. Social Impact of Disease in the Late 19th Century / John Duffy -- 27. AIDS in Historical Perspective: Four Lessons from the History of Sexually Transmitted Diseases / Allan M. Brandt --
  • 28. Sanitary Reform in New York City: Stephen Smith and the Passage of the Metropolitan Health Bill / Gert H. Brieger -- 29. The Decline in Mortality in Philadelphia from 1870 to 1930: The Role of Municipal Services / Gretchen A. Condran, Henry Williams and Rose A. Cheney -- 30. The Early Movement for Occupational Safety and Health, 1900-1917 / David Rosner and Gerald Markowitz -- 31. The Design of Reform: The Public Bath Movement in America / David Glassberg -- 32. The Cigarette, Risk, and American Culture / Allan M. Brandt -- 33. The Private Side of Public Health: Sanitary Science, Domestic Hygiene, and the Germ Theory, 1870-1900 / Nancy Tomes -- 34. Raising and Watering a City: Ellis Sylvester Chesbrough and Chicago's First Sanitation System / Louis P. Cain -- 35. Dirt, Flies, and Immigrants: Explaining the Epidemiology of Poliomyelitis, 1900-1916 / Naomi Rogers --
  • 36. "Typhoid Mary" Strikes Back: Bacteriological Theory and Practice in Early 20th-Century Public Health / Judith Walzer Leavitt.
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